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The movies of 2008

Thursday, February 19, 2009 by Dave Winer.

The Oscars are this Sunday, so it's time to review the last year, and get on the record. Permalink to this paragraph

Of the nominated movies, I loved, without qualification: Frost/Nixon, The Wrestler, Doubt, Rachel Getting Married, Frozen River, Slumdog Millionaire. Permalink to this paragraph

Movies I loved things about but didn't go for the whole package.  Permalink to this paragraph

Australia. The acting was superb, I'll go for Nicole Kidman in anything, and the kid was great, but it was a forgettable movie.  Permalink to this paragraph

The Dark Knight. Cut out all the scenes that don't have Heath Ledger and you have a great picture. The guy with half a face was disgusting, worth a few shots but a half hour? Embarassing. Permalink to this paragraph

Wall-E. The first part was wonderful. Amazing. Fantastic. And then a formula Pixar animation for the kiddies. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but you don't see Bolt on my list of movies worth talking about. Or Kung Fu Panda. Wall-E was half an amazing movie. A Pixar movie that really makes you think hasn't been made yet but Wall-E showed that it could happen. Permalink to this paragraph

I didn't see: Revolutionary Road, The Duchess. Permalink to this paragraph

Movies I flat out didn't like.  Permalink to this paragraph

Milk -- Sean Penn was a convincing Harvey Milk, and that was good for five minutes. Otherwise, no suspension of disbelief, the story didn't hang together.  Permalink to this paragraph

Benjamin Button -- I kept looking at my watch hoping it would be over. Permalink to this paragraph

There were many others, but thankfully, none of them were nominated. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

Now for my picks. Permalink to this paragraph

Best actor: Mickey Rourke.  Permalink to this paragraph

Best supporting actor: Heath Ledger.  Permalink to this paragraph

Best actress: Kate Winslet.  Permalink to this paragraph

Best supporting actress: Marissa Tomei. Permalink to this paragraph

Best animated feature: Wall-E. Permalink to this paragraph

Best writing (adapted): Doubt. Permalink to this paragraph

Best writing (original): Frozen River. Permalink to this paragraph

Best picture: The Reader. Permalink to this paragraph

I didn't vote in the other categories cause what do I know about editing and directing and costumes. I'm user, just a guy who watches movies and loves great ones. Permalink to this paragraph

Final note, best actress was the hardest category. I loved Anne Hathaway in Rebecca Getting Married. Meryl Streep was amazing in Doubt, and Melissa Leo in Frozen River. But Kate Winslet owned me in The Reader.  Permalink to this paragraph


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