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Playing with ginx.com

Saturday, February 21, 2009 by Dave Winer.

Yesterday I posted a twit saying I'd love to try out ginx.com, and within minutes I had a code and logged on. I was curious because it had been showing up in my referrer log for scripting.com, and when I clicked on one of the links it took me to a framed page with a comment at the top.  Permalink to this paragraph

Viewed from the other side, Ginx is an alternate UI for Twitter, with some immediately obvious improvements. It understands links better than Twitter does, in addition to displaying the shortened version, it also displays the full URL, the one the short URL points to. In the screen shot, the red arrow points to the long version of a shortened URL, and displays the title of the page being pointed to. Both are nice touches, but not hard to do and at some point, Twitter will certainly do it. Permalink to this paragraph

Observation: Products like this have to do something that is either really hard, really niche, or against the philosophy of Twitter -- if they want to have a chance to co-exist.  Permalink to this paragraph

One thing I would like them to do, which they apparently don't, is show a thumbnail of Flickr pictures when tweets point directly to something on Flickr. For MP3s, show a little MP3 player. These are ideas that are already implemented elsewhere, so it seems a requirement at this point.  Permalink to this paragraph

When you click on a link from Ginx it takes you to a framed page where you can read the caption the linker added, and reply. Screen shotPermalink to this paragraph

If you're a Ginx user -- what other things should I be looking at?? Permalink to this paragraph


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