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How Battlestar Galactica ends (theory)

Friday, March 06, 2009 by Dave Winer.

Galactica has one jump left before it becomes useless as a starship so they jump back to the home planet that was destroyed by the Cylons at the start of the show. Permalink to this paragraph

They arrive, and as predicted the ship is a mess. Permalink to this paragraph

They send a landing party down to the planet, but when they come back, they die within hours. Autopsies reveal that the planet no longer supports human life. Only one person from the landing party is unharmed, Kara "Starbuck" Thrace. Now they have to figure out why. Permalink to this paragraph

They study her blood and discover by accident that it is identical to the little girl who is half Cylon and half human, the one who saved the President's life with her blood. They send the President down to the planet and sure enough she survives. They send the little girl down and she survives too. Permalink to this paragraph

I forgot to mention that the planet kills pure-breed Cylons too. Permalink to this paragraph

So they now have a plan. Lots of cross-breeding between Cylons and humans forming a new hybrid race. Kara is the new leader, the prototype, the only adult among them who's healthy (the President is still dying and the kid is too young, everyone else who will survive hasn't even been born yet). Permalink to this paragraph

Fade out. Battlestar Galactica is over. Permalink to this paragraph

The End. Permalink to this paragraph


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