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Reminder: Why I switched to Mac in 2005

Monday, March 09, 2009 by Dave Winer.

I switched because I was Mired In Malware. Permalink to this paragraph

I got a new EeePC 1000HE last week, and after just a few hours of use, it's infected with a rootkit virus of some kind. Really clever. Spent three hours last night trying to eradicate it, but in the last three or four years, the malware guys have gotten a lot more clever. Permalink to this paragraph

Contemplating switching to the Hackintosh flavor of netbook. Permalink to this paragraph

Ran Ad-Aware, getting ready to run Spybot. Downloaded Combofix. I'm going to try to resurrect this baby. Also considering doing a fresh install of Windows but that sounds like more work that Leopard. And then you're still using Windows. Permalink to this paragraph

You can read all about my trials on Twitter. But this problem is now serious enough to demand its own blog post. I'm going to see the silver lining here, a chance to learn a lot. Albeit stuff I never wanted to learn. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

Of course there will be the moralizing and I Told You So's. Thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom. I agree you are superior and wiser and a better person, in every way.  Permalink to this paragraph

I don't use MSIE. Please no need to tell me not to use IE. I use Firefox. Permalink to this paragraph


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