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I'd like to try out Jaiku

Saturday, March 14, 2009 by Dave Winer.

A picture named skittles.gifI've got a Laconica server up, and a small community has started there -- the very same day Google released Jaiku as open source, and somehow made it able to run (for free?) in AppEngine? I want to try it! Permalink to this paragraph

But the instructions assume you want to build the app or check things out or care what libraries it uses. None of that applies to me. I want to see what it's like to sysop one of these systems, and get feedback from people here on scripting.com. So... Permalink to this paragraph

Choice #1 is for someone to write a howto that a technical end-user might be able to use to set up a Jaiku on AppEngine. That way I could test the docs and the software, and pave the way for others to follow. Permalink to this paragraph

Choice #2 is for someone to set one up for me and give me the keys. Not optimal since I won't be able to help improve the setup process. Permalink to this paragraph

I like the way this is shaping up. As a user I want choice, it makes me powerful. If any vendor, open source or not, feels that they have me locked in, they won't listen. If the users are truly independent of the vendors then really interesting things can happen. Permalink to this paragraph

So if you like Jaiku and want to help it, let's go! ;-> Permalink to this paragraph


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