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Where you were when...?

Saturday, March 14, 2009 by Dave Winer.

When you learned that JFK had been assassinated? Permalink to this paragraph

Okay, most of you aren't old enough to remember that. I am. And thanks to Google Maps I can show you where I was when I heard the news. I was in second grade, they let us out of school early, the parents came to pick us up. On this street corner my mom told me what had happened. I didn't get it. I asked who the President would be now, she said Lyndon Johnson. It didn't make any sense, because the only President I had been aware of up until then was Kennedy. Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named bythesack.gifI got into this mode when I was trying to find the White Castle I used to go to when we lived in Jackson Heights. Permalink to this paragraph

Then I found the apartment building we lived in. Of course it's still there. We lived in Apt 5W. I remember that because I thought it was really neat that the apartment had the same last initial as I did and I was 5 years old. How about that -- a memory when I was less than 1/10th my current age. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

Another way to get unreconstructed childhood memories is to watch a movie you haven't seen since you were a child. I didn't actually think the Cowardly Lion was a lion, I knew what a lion looked like, but I sure didn't think he was human! What a sweet kid, so smart.  Permalink to this paragraph


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