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My new news page

Sunday, April 05, 2009 by Dave Winer.

I have a new publication that I produce in collaboration with the people who follow me on Twitter, and the people who follow them, etc. It's really interesting from a human standpoint and also from a tech standpoint.  Permalink to this paragraph

But first, here's the end result: Permalink to this paragraph

http://twitter.scripting.com/daveTopLinks.html  Permalink to this paragraph

It's updated every five minutes. The list contains the last 25 links I've pushed through Twitter. How fresh they are is a function of how active I've been. Right now the oldest link was posted 30 hours ago.  Permalink to this paragraph

They are ranked by the number of times they have been clicked on. So if they are retweeted with the link intact, the clicks on those count. If someone clicks on a link from the toplinks page, that counts too. So it's collaborative, and the ranking tells you something about what people who are in my cloud are interested in. Tech news ranks high. Not sure what other conclusions to draw (too early). A top link gets about 800 hits. Permalink to this paragraph

How it works -- I have a little web app behind a bookmarklet that makes it easy for me to post a link to my twitter account. Here's a screen shot. It shortens the URL with tr.im, which has an API that I call every 5 minutes to find out how many clicks each link has received. My app generates the report and saves it to Amazon S3 which is where twitter.scripting.com runs.  Permalink to this paragraph

I think of it as a "Personal Digg." I nominate the links, everyone determines how they rank. It might just catch on. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph


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