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Amazon's new URL-shortener

Friday, May 08, 2009 by Dave Winer.

A picture named accordion.gifIn March, I observed that Amazon had already done some URL shortening on its own, meaning that a link like this:  Permalink to this paragraph

http://amazon.com/wii  Permalink to this paragraph

actually works. Now, apparently they've gone further and have a shorter domain, amzn.com and a huge number of short URLs in that domain that take you to product pages on amazon.com.  Permalink to this paragraph

Mike Koss wrote a script that worked its way through a dictionary trying all the different words, and published the list. (That's what I call investigative journalism, so much for bloggers being lazy.) Permalink to this paragraph

I'd love to see an official word from Amazon on this. How is a user supposed to go from a page on Amazon to a short URL? Even better, suppose they had a bookmarklet that would automatically populate the Twitter "What are you doing?" box with some text and a copy of the short URL? Might be a real money-maker, and we know that Amazon likes to make money! (And Bezos is also an investor in Twitter.) Permalink to this paragraph

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