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Tweeting behind the firewall

Friday, May 08, 2009 by Dave Winer.

A picture named hope.jpgI just added a new feature to 100twt.com tonight, with the help of Daniel and Jason at Disqus: You can now comment on the tweets of people in the Top 100. That's just the first toe-dip into commenting on tweets in general, a starting point. Permalink to this paragraph

To kick it off I posted a comment on a tweet by @ev, where he talks about a tweetranet at a staff meeting at Twitter HQ today. This is a topic much in the air these days after a blog post by Matt Mullenweg at wordpress.com about a behind-the-firewall Twitter-like system they're using there.  Permalink to this paragraph

Lots of opportunity here, we did something similar in 2001 at UserLand. It's all coming back around folks. Permalink to this paragraph

The cool thing about comments, they're not limited to 140 chars! ";->" Permalink to this paragraph

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