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A question for journalists

Sunday, May 31, 2009 by Dave Winer.

I asked a question on Twitter: "An example of a non-monetary gift you couldn't accept from a company you cover? Why?" Permalink to this paragraph

Some of the answers... Permalink to this paragraph

Michael Calore: "copy of shrink-wrapped software i didn't review, comp tickets to a show/concert sponsored by a company i write about often" Permalink to this paragraph

Janet Ginsburg: "at businessweek (a while back) strong rule re no gifts. kept things clean. sm conf swag (pens, bags) but that's it." Permalink to this paragraph

Doug Levy: "just as physicians are inadvertently biased by trinkets like drug co pens, reporters need to vigorously avoid potential bias." Permalink to this paragraph

Freda Moon: "I was taught to accept no gifts from sources. None. Not tickets. Not a meal. Not even a cup of coffee. That last one can be hard." Permalink to this paragraph

Megan Taylor: "Tickets to sporting events. Reporters are supposed to be objective and accepting gifts compromises that." Permalink to this paragraph

There seems to be a consensus here. Permalink to this paragraph

Now a followup question. Permalink to this paragraph

Can you accept placement on Twitter's Suggested Users List if you are a journalist who covers Twitter? Permalink to this paragraph

Please this question is only for journalists.  Permalink to this paragraph

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