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NY Times on the SUL

Sunday, June 14, 2009 by Dave Winer.

In this morning's NYT, there's an article on Twitter's SUL. It's excellent. I recommend everyone read it carefully.  Permalink to this paragraph

NYT: The Tweet Smell of SuccessPermalink to this paragraph

Here are some excerpts. Permalink to this paragraph

"Twitter has become a kingmaker of sorts, conferring online stardom to a mix of writers, gadget geeks, political commentators and entrepreneurs." Permalink to this paragraph

"...an actor like LaVar Burton, decades away from his glory days as a star of the TV drama 'Roots,' has a personal audience of 635,000." Permalink to this paragraph

"A writer with an interest in comic books can become the expert on comic books..." Permalink to this paragraph

"Did he realize he was helping to create an arbiter of popularity? 'We didn't think that far ahead,' [Biz Stone] said." Permalink to this paragraph

"The list is cobbled together by a team of employees whose identities were withheld" Permalink to this paragraph

"Ms. Sampson said 'there's sort of a criteria' for the list 'but not really.'" Permalink to this paragraph

Finally here are some comments and background that led to this. Permalink to this paragraph

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