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CSS in a River of News, part II

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 by Dave Winer.

A picture named hulk.gifThis morning I posted a query about CSS that would make my River of News aggregator look beautiful. It was hard to communicate what I was looking for. So I've decided to take a new approach. Permalink to this paragraph

1. I'm going to use tables. This really is an application for tables. That was made clear in the discussion. If, when we're done, someone can show me how to do the same thing without tables, I'll change to do it that way. Permalink to this paragraph

2. I'm going to provide a style sheet in the app, but I'll make it very easy to have it use your own. That way people can tinker with the real live working app while it's running and share the results for others to see.  Permalink to this paragraph

3. If anyone comes up with a really fantastic way of displaying the River of News with CSS, I will use their CSS, with full attribution and accolades, and release the result under the GPL, including the aggregator. Then we'll have a beautiful River of News aggregator that's available in open source.  Permalink to this paragraph

I've started to work on this approach, and will post when I have something you can install. Permalink to this paragraph

http://scripting.com/misc/riverExample.html  Permalink to this paragraph

Yes, the first and third columns are necessary. I haven't filled them in yet. Permalink to this paragraph

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