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Sometimes it's better to say nothing

Thursday, July 02, 2009 by Dave Winer.

I've started to write blog posts three times today and gave up each of the three times because... Permalink to this paragraph

It's impossible to write coherently when your mind is scrambled by jetlag! Permalink to this paragraph

It's hard for me to finish a sentence coherently or even remember if I've used the word coherenent, or even spell it right, or finish the sentence without getting hung up if coherent is actually the right word to use, and where did it come from and why is that the word I thought to use anyway.  Permalink to this paragraph

This post was going somewhere. Permalink to this paragraph

I thought I had discovered the algorithm for fighting jetlag in both directions. Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named jello.gifFlying west to east, time your arrival so that it's bedtime locally when you arrive so you can go to bed and when you wake it will be the proper time to wake for the place you're in. Fine, as far as it goes, but... It doesn't mean your body thinks it should be asleep at what it perceives to be two in the afternoon. Permalink to this paragraph

Coming home, arrive at 1AM and schedule something for 9AM so you have to get by with 8 hours sleep at roughly the time everyone else sleeps. No problem waking up at 4AM! (First sign of a problem.) Then when I return at noon I figure I'll just catch up on a couple hours but I can't fall asleep. (Maybe it's working!) Now as the time for the podcast arrives I realize my mind is complete Jell-o. I've tried to write three blog posts today, easy ones, and given up each time. And now I'm at the beginning of the piece again. Looping.  Permalink to this paragraph

All this led me to post this tweet earlier today. Permalink to this paragraph

Good advice. A picture named sidesmiley.gif Permalink to this paragraph

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