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rssCloud design issue

Saturday, July 25, 2009 by Dave Winer.

A picture named accordianGuy.gifBryan Field-Elliot raises an interesting question in the comments on the rssCloud walkthrough.  Permalink to this paragraph

"The automatic expiration after 25 hours seems rather arbitrary. If a cloud server is going to have a policy of expiring subscriptions after X hours, I suggest that the value X be published somewhere. Within the <cloud> element perhaps, or, as part of the return value from the pleaseNotify call. That way different implementations of cloud servers can vary this value as they feel appropriate, and different aggregators will have a means to know how often they need to resubscribe." Permalink to this paragraph

I responded as follows (and reposted here because I wanted to make sure it gets proper consideration): Permalink to this paragraph

It's an interesting question. Permalink to this paragraph

On the pro side -- it would add flexibility. Permalink to this paragraph

On the con side -- it would also add complexity. Another thing to test, another thing to break. Permalink to this paragraph

The subscriber should poll anyway, periodically. If it detects a change that it wasn't notified of, it can resub. No harm if already subbed. In my implementation of rssCloud that gives you another 25 hours. Permalink to this paragraph

I'm not sure I shouldn't give you another 25 hours anytime I detect that you're alive, for example, you respond to a notification. Permalink to this paragraph

The point is to give the cloud a rule for when it's okay to clean out garbage. It's really hard to imagine why someone would want a different value. Permalink to this paragraph

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