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Anil's belly laugh

Tuesday, August 04, 2009 by Dave Winer.

This should be funPermalink to this paragraph

A picture named santa.gifAn experiment. It's just a test. I put up a web service that returns a Twitter subscription list as OPML. You should be able to import it into your RSS aggregator or feed reader. But it's just a test. When the experiment is over the service will come down. It just builds on the Twitter API and took me a couple of evenings to put together. It's not Big Tech, it's just a little thing. But interesting? Perhaps. Permalink to this paragraph

For example, here's the subscription list for "cluelessnewbie," a fictious user who follows the 100 most-followed people on Twitter (that's what makes him so clueless).  Permalink to this paragraph

Here's Jay Rosen's subscription list. Danny Sullivan. The Gillmor Gang. Gruber. Om. Loic. Doc Searls. Anil DashPermalink to this paragraph

When I sent a preview link to Anil, here's what he said: "This got one of those immediate belly laughs that only come from seeing something new and realizing exactly how disruptive it can be. :-)" Permalink to this paragraph

He's right -- it's part of Le Grand Bootstrap that's underway. Permalink to this paragraph

Who knows where it leads? Permalink to this paragraph

And that's why it's so much fun! Permalink to this paragraph

Here's the full writeupPermalink to this paragraph

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