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Seeing superiority

Thursday, August 13, 2009 by Dave Winer.

A picture named lesPaulGuitar.jpgSo many connections are missed because people feel superior to others. Permalink to this paragraph

"He doesn't know how to make systems scale," observes an engineer who does. But he fails to observe that the other guy knows how to do things he doesn't. Sometimes people miss what they don't have (wish I was thinner, richer, younger) and other times we're so oblivious we can't even see it exists (he knows how politics work, he knows how to reduce things to their core simplicity). Permalink to this paragraph

Better to assume that everyone you meet has something to offer that you can use. Otherwise, why did you meet them?  Permalink to this paragraph

Sometimes you meet people who are so open, so ready -- and sometimes people are too open and too ready -- you get scared and back off. Gotta strike a good balance. Don't stand behind a huge wall and don't get in the other guy's face. Permalink to this paragraph

Do you believe in a purposeful existence -- that everything happens for a reason? Well, you just ran into this guy for a reason. Now are you going to find out what it is or let the opportunity pass? Permalink to this paragraph

I guess it's unavoidable but we erect barriers to keep people out. We tell ourselves stories about how much better we have it than they do. Too old, too young, too fat, too needy. But you can always flip it around and imagine it the other way. I've seen ridiculous examples of people who had almost nothing, feeling superior to others, who it could be argued, are vastly better off than them. The mind can play some really huge tricks. Permalink to this paragraph

I can't tell the specific stories behind these observations because they involve people who are living who I care about. But I can share the observations and hope to help make more of the connections that want to happen, actually occur.  Permalink to this paragraph

For whatever reason, this is what my eyes are open to right now.  Permalink to this paragraph

I try to remember that: Permalink to this paragraph

1. We're all bozos on this bus. Permalink to this paragraph

2. My shit stinks. (So does yours.) Permalink to this paragraph

3. It's not like anyone gets out of this alive. A picture named sidesmiley.gif Permalink to this paragraph

7/31/09: "Don't waste time on other people's qualities, intelligence, hypocrisy, honor. Distractions. What matters is what you do." Permalink to this paragraph

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