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What is an asshole?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 by Dave Winer.

A picture named think.gifAn asshole is someone who says Obama is like Hitler because he wants everyone in the US to have health insurance. Permalink to this paragraph

These people are so stupid they need to be slapped in the face to wake them up. They need to have their mouths washed out with soap and be sent to bed without dinner. They need to be sent into hard labor and allowed to die of starvation.  Permalink to this paragraph

Hitler gassed my people and incinerated them in ovens. Hitler came very close to wiping us out. Hitler was a monster. Hitler was the human race going insane on a mass level. Permalink to this paragraph

If you think Obama is Hitler you deserve to meet with others who agree with you, starving and freezing and dying in a cattle car, sitting in each others' excrement, on your way to a concentration camp and its ovens and gas chambers, along with your children.  Permalink to this paragraph

You will not be allowed to bring your assault rifle. Permalink to this paragraph

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