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rssCloud meetup at UC Berkeley, Sept 9

Monday, August 31, 2009 by Dave Winer.

A picture named clocktower.jpgThe first rssCloud meetup in NYC in July was a great success. Permalink to this paragraph

Now we're ready for rssCloud Meetup 2.0, on Wednedsay September 9, 7-9PM at 110 South Hall on the UC-Berkeley campus. South Hall is the gothic brick building in the center of the UC Berkeley campus, just across from the iconic clock tower. Permalink to this paragraph

It's a 15-minute walk from the downtown BART stationPermalink to this paragraph

The meetup is open to all, but primarily for developers. The goal is to bootstrap the loosely-coupled 140 character message network. One that's open on all sides, so anyone can add an aggregator, cloud server or authoring tool, yet still have the feel of a centralized system. There may be tradeoffs, but the benefits of not having a company at the center of the network should create great opportunities for news organizations, innovative developers, designers, businesses, and users everywhere. Twitter is great, but we want something that works better for all of us. A picture named sidesmiley.gif Permalink to this paragraph

We hope to see one or more new implementations come online before or at the meetup. Permalink to this paragraph

The way it'll work is: 1. I'll talk for 20-25 minutes, review the walkthrough, technology, philosophy, then briefly answer questions. 2. We'll go around the room and people will say what they're doing, and what kinds of help they could use. 3. Then an open discussion, and we adjourn.  Permalink to this paragraph

There will be free wifi, but if it's like the NYC meetup you won't need it. This is a complex and interesting topic that seems to hold people's attention. But it's California and you never know, so bring your laptop, just in case. A picture named sidesmiley.gif Permalink to this paragraph

If you know you're going to be there, please post a comment on this blog post. Permalink to this paragraph

Thanks to the UC Berkeley School of Information for generously offering to host this event. A picture named sidesmiley.gif Permalink to this paragraph

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