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Monday morning stuffff

Monday, September 14, 2009 by Dave Winer.

A picture named gongshow.jpgChuck Barris used to announce The Gong Show as just some stuffffPermalink to this paragraph

Of course our stuffff is very serious. A picture named sidesmiley.gif Permalink to this paragraph

A new Rebooting The News with guest Dan Gillmor. One of our best. Dan drills into just what rssCloud is and realtime. He's one of the best interviewers out there. It was my turn this week to name inspirations, and I chose Young People, as exemplified by Blake Ross, Joe Hewitt, Matt Mullenweg and Joseph Scott. You can skip to the last five minutes of the podcast, it's worth listening to. Usually we choose older folk as inspiration, but we have to remember that youth, in the right hands, is itself inspiring.  Permalink to this paragraph

I posted a proposed addition to the rssCloud walkthroughPermalink to this paragraph

Typepad announced support for Pubsubhubub. I predict on Twitter that we will bridge it with rssCloud so support of one will get you compatibility with th'other. Earlier I admitted to being a dork and not seeing them as being in competition. After all, they're not commercial products. What I care about is decentralizing the realtime web, so we're not dependent on one company. Both methods accomplish that. The real problem is centralization. Permalink to this paragraph

Andy Oram at O'Reilly wrote a stirring ode to decentralization. At one time O'Reilly was a big proponent of P2P. Maybe they will be once again? Permalink to this paragraph

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