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Monday, September 21, 2009 by Dave Winer.

A picture named crusty.gifWhen you get something going all of a sudden the parasites opportunists swoop in and want to take control. Funny how they leave you alone when you're not so hot. Permalink to this paragraph

I suppose I should see it as a good sign, but they all resort to the same kind of character attacks when I decline their offers. Some nastier than others. The offers amount to me working my ass off to make them rich, for which, in turn -- I get nothing. $0. Bupkis. Permalink to this paragraph

Only in the tech industry do people have the audacity to look you in the eye and say You Work For Free To Make Me Rich. YWFFTMMR. Permalink to this paragraph

The stupid thing about it is that's at least part of the reason I'm trying to get out of Twitter. I don't like their economic proposition but, I do like microblogging. I figure if I'm not going to make any money off my work, then I'll work in an environment where no one does. It's weird that the people behind Twitter are supposedly capitalists yet seem to not understand that very simple idea. People don't work for free. They don't pour out their passion in the cause of making you wealthy. They might be motivated to do it if they saw some upside.  Permalink to this paragraph

I'll let you know when someone approaches this space with respect and an offer that isn't usurous. Permalink to this paragraph

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