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I want to divorce my iPhone

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 by Dave Winer.

A picture named iphone.jpgThe iPhone is so totally not my spiritual soulmate.  Permalink to this paragraph

I refuse to become dependent on apps grown in their environment. To me it's like contributing to the enslavement of my brother and sister programmers. I don't care how sexy the environment is as a user or a developer, the fact that Apple holds up apps and rejects them often because they compete with their own software is to me like buying a coat made of the skins of endangered species. I won't use iPhone apps for ecological reasons.  Permalink to this paragraph

I use my iPhone as a: 1. Phone. 2: Camera that can communicate (very valuable feature to me). 3. A Bluetooth tethering device for places my Sprint MiFi doesn't work (and that's a lot of places).  Permalink to this paragraph

For that I pay about $100 per month. I think I'm being ripped off. (Sure of it.) Permalink to this paragraph

Okay Scripting News readers -- tell me I'm crazy but I want a divorce. Enough of this bullshit.  Permalink to this paragraph

But I need a phone that does 1, 2 and 3.  Permalink to this paragraph

What will I fall in love with? Permalink to this paragraph

PS: I have my contacts in GMail. Must be able to synch with them. One of my favorite iPhone features. Permalink to this paragraph

PPS: I never use it as an iPod. I prefer my WalkmanPermalink to this paragraph

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