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Content drives adoption

Friday, October 30, 2009 by Dave Winer.

A picture named chalmers.gifThis began as a response to a comment left by Marshall Kirkpatrick to an earlier post of mine. Permalink to this paragraph

My belief is that it's content that drives the apps.  Permalink to this paragraph

You need something or someone to go first. With RSS it was Wired, Red Herring, Motley Fool and Salon then the early blogs then the NY Times and it blasted off. Permalink to this paragraph

With podcasting it was IT Conversations, the Gillmor Gang, Morning Coffee Notes, Daily Sourcecode, the community, then NPR and it blasted off. Permalink to this paragraph

This confluence has not (yet) happened for directory structures. It's not immediately obvious who the big drivers are going to be, but if they're out there, the Twitter lists feature is getting them to think about this stuff. I don't doubt that OPML will be part of the bootstrap and that people will quickly want to make lists that include resources that are not (just) Twitter users or lists of Twitter users. Permalink to this paragraph

In other words, this is the most promising moment for OPML directories that's come so far. Permalink to this paragraph

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