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I got a DROID

Friday, November 06, 2009 by Dave Winer.

A picture named droid.jpgI had to do it. Went down to the Verizon store in El Cerrito and put down $350 and bought the $99 per month unlimited texting plan. Took it home, fell in love. It really is beautiful. I'm an iPhone user who loves the esthetics of the iPhone. The DROID is different, but also very nice. Permalink to this paragraph

I'm sure there will be annoyances, always are, but the first-time experience is great. Permalink to this paragraph

The web browser display is large enough to be usable. The gestures that work on the iPhone don't work on the DROID. Permalink to this paragraph

I find both the on-screen keyboard and the physical keyboard hard to use. The keys are too small.  Permalink to this paragraph

Oddly, when entering text into Facebook or an email, typing is natural and easy. It's only a pain when entering a username or password. I wonder why this is. (Probably has more to do with the operator than anything.) Permalink to this paragraph

The setting system makes sense. There are a few puzzlers. It allows you to format an SD card, but I don't see one. I've read the docs, very limited, but they make no mention of it. Permalink to this paragraph

They just sent me a text message asking me to sign onto their website, but the password doesn't work. Tried 8 times. Asked them to send a new one, they sent the same one again. I'll come back to this. Permalink to this paragraph

Took some pictures with the camera. ExamplePermalink to this paragraph

Can't figure out how to get some music onto it. Plugged in the USB cable into my Mac but it doesn't mount as a hard drive. Don't tell me I need to use iTunes -- please! Permalink to this paragraph

Update: Quick podcast review, recorded on the DROID speaker phone using Cinch. A little baseball philosophy thrown in at no extra cost! A picture named sidesmiley.gif Permalink to this paragraph

Update: How do I get music on this thing? Tried something dumb, after mounting it on my Mac desktop, I copied the contents of a Little Feat album into a folder I named Music. Let's see if the Music app on the Droid can find it. I launch the Music app and it says Sorry, your SD card is busy. Interesting! Let me try unmounting it. I had to click in the menubar to unmount it, and then boom (sorry Steve) the music app found my Little Feat songs. This is how it's supposed to work. Goodbye iTunes. Forever. Permalink to this paragraph

Update: It plays iPod-size movies, just watched a bit of fargo.m4v. Looks great. Permalink to this paragraph

Update: Second podcast of the day, goes into the way Apple is becoming Google and Google is becoming Apple and why that's good for everyone. Less than 6 minutes. Worth it, imho.  Permalink to this paragraph

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