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I'll build the refugee camps

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 by Dave Winer.

Tim O'Reilly is going to give a keynote at the Web 2.0 conference about the War of the Web. You should read his piece, many good points, I agree with most of it.  Permalink to this paragraph

The tech industry sure loves its wars.  Permalink to this paragraph

And death. This is dead that is dead, everyone is dead, but me.  Permalink to this paragraph

Isn't that every child's fantasy -- to have all the world to himself, to be able to drive any car, eat any food, play with any toy, and not have to share with anyone?  Permalink to this paragraph

The other day I read that the URL was dead.  Permalink to this paragraph

Anyway one thought I'd like to share.  Permalink to this paragraph

If there's going to be a war for the web, fine, I already know what I'll do. I'll build the refugee camps. They will be very nice. Hiltons. You can have a beautiful ocean view or a view of the battlefield.  Permalink to this paragraph

We'll all take pictures from our balcony. Permalink to this paragraph

So have a nice war, techies. Permalink to this paragraph

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