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Shea Stadium Rules

Friday, November 27, 2009 by Dave Winer.

A picture named mrMet.gifWell our family Thanksgiving feast is over, and it was a major success. Permalink to this paragraph

Everyone got along, though there were a few moments where, in the past, things might have flamed out.  Permalink to this paragraph

There are two reasons why this year was special. Permalink to this paragraph

1. We learned this year how important we are to each other.  Permalink to this paragraph

2. The advent of Shea Stadium Rules.  Permalink to this paragraph

Maybe I don't even need to explain them to you. Permalink to this paragraph

I think baseball people get this. And mine is a family of baseball people.  Permalink to this paragraph

Just to be complete.. There's no fighting in Shea Stadium among Mets fans. We may fight with fans of the other guys, but when you cut to the core, a guy wearing a Mets hat is family. There's a deep bond we share. It goes much deeper than words. So while we may disagree, when we're in Shea Stadium, we don't fight.  Permalink to this paragraph

So, in a family gathering, just invoke the same rules you do inside your team's ballpark.  Permalink to this paragraph

What else needs to be said other than it works. It really does. Give it a try. Permalink to this paragraph

PS: When I explained it to a longtime friend who is a Cubs fan, he understood immediately. Of course he calls them Wrigley Field Rules. Permalink to this paragraph

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