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RSS for BitTorrent, and other developments

Sunday, December 06, 2009 by Dave Winer.

TorrentFreak has a piece today talking about my efforts to sort out the differences in the RSS used by various BitTorrent websites. Permalink to this paragraph

I also posted some ideas for a Torrent namespace that can be used in RSS, or any other XML-based format that accepts extensions, such as Atom and OPML 2.0. Permalink to this paragraph

On the Droidie site I look at what it will take to make it the perfect podcatcher. Permalink to this paragraph

And a think piece on Protoblogger on the tension between doing something big and getting rich. This will lead to a followup piece that talks about creating incentives for people who don't want to go the corporate route. There really isn't that much money at stake but the really large ideas suffer if they get caught up inside corporations. Permalink to this paragraph

Twitter has been down now for about 1/2 hour. 3:30PM Pacific. Oy -- we're so dependent on it. Where would you go now to find out what's up? status.twitter.com has nothing about an outage. (Postscript: It was down for just about 1/2 hour. TechCrunch has a story about it.) Permalink to this paragraph

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