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Uncle Arno's books found a home

Friday, December 11, 2009 by Dave Winer.

In October I wrote a post looking for a home for books written by my great-uncle Arno Schmidt. The books were left to us by his sister, my grandomother, who was keeping them for him in the US.  Permalink to this paragraph

Turns out most American universities with a German Studies department already have complete sets of his writing.  Permalink to this paragraph

However, Timm Menke of Portland State University posted an enthusiastic comment under my post. We exchanged emails, talked on the phone and we quickly decided that they would provide the best home for his work in the US.  Permalink to this paragraph

Yesterday the books arrived in Portland. If anyone is looking for a good collection of Arno Schmidt's work in the US, selected by the author, you should look to Portland State University.  Permalink to this paragraph

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