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By Dave Winer, dwiner@well.com.

Be professional, respectful, positive. It's OK to express anger, but it's not OK to say that people or products are wrong, or bad, or evil. In other words, no personal attacks or flames. No profanity unless it is absolutely necessary, and even then it's not really welcome.

The topics are up to you. There are no assignments or beats. You can wander where your interests take you. You can point to other pieces, off or on this site. There's a glossary built into the environment, so if you want to link to another piece on the site, just enclose its title in "double quotes". It will automatically become a link. There might be a few glitches to work out.

The topics are up to you, but we look to certain people to provide authoritative information on subjects that they're expert in. For example, Doug Baron or Bob Bierman will let us know what we need to think about as Frontier is being ported to Win32. Chuck Shotton is an expert in web servers and Java.

The more authority you have in a subject area, the more we look to you to tell us and the readers what's going on.

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