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Add a Press Release

Many Macintosh developers announce new products around the time of Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference. Until now, there's been no place on the web where all the press releases are gathered together.

If you are announcing something new next week, please add a link to your press release using the following form. I'll point people to this site in a DaveNet piece this weekend.

Three pieces of information are called for -- your email address, a headline and a URL. Please make the headline short. It will be displayed in larger type.

Mail address: (e.g.

Headline: (e.g. Geeks Inc Ships Strategic Web Content Tools)

URL: (e.g.

The announcement will appear on the WWDC Press Releases page in a few moments.

It's OK to register press releases for other people/companies. Please check to be sure that the press release isn't already registered. Thanks!

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