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Permanent link to archive for Wednesday, April 30, 1997. Wednesday, April 30, 1997

SJ Mercury: What motivates Larry Ellison

Sun spins off SunScript

News.com: "We've made a change... by taking certain GIFs off the site, 

the pages should load more quickly than before. We hope you enjoy this leaner, meaner format." Right on! 

Andre Radke: Frontier connection with Claris Emailer

ZDNet's RealAudio broadcast of today's 'push summit' in San Diego. 

For some reason lots of people are sending me email with support questions. Please use one of the 

mailing lists for support questions. Thanks! 

Fat page: Scheduler Suite

Royal Software: Script Demon

The First Annual O'Reilly PERL Conference

"Dirk Johnson on WebObjects". 

New Frontier Site: George Tempel

Fat Pages are Our New File Format

"Mail Starting 4/30/97". 

"Uninstalling MSIE 4.0". 

DaveNet: "I Might Like You Better". 

AppleScript site at Apple. 

Backweb/Mac beta is available.  

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Fat page: SiteChanges Suite

Stewart Alsop has a serious problem.  

I had a thought the other day, that except for MSIE 3.0.1/Mac and Windows NT 4.0, I don't use any Microsoft software. Hmmm.  

It'd be interesting to do lunch with Stewart to compare notes. 

DaveNet: "Retraction & Apology". 

7/9/96: "Cisco Systems". 

From Australia: automated FTP mirroring for the Mac

Permanent link to archive for Monday, April 28, 1997. Monday, April 28, 1997

Web Review: Usable web sites

Updated: Web Site Management Tutorial

Updated: Important Pages Directory

"New Technology for Scripting News". 

Fat Page: user.websites.home

Permanent link to archive for Sunday, April 27, 1997. Sunday, April 27, 1997

New Frontier sites: Project Newtonberg,  

March of Dimes

Rachel Wilson,  

Morris Pratt Institute

Hmmm... General Magic will announce something tomorrow. 

ZDNET coverage of David Coursey's Showcase conference. 

Check out the Important Pages site. 

Charles Cooper: A fascinating story of personality in the software business

The archives of the "BBEdit-Scripting List" are now searchable

Smart Home

Permanent link to archive for Saturday, April 26, 1997. Saturday, April 26, 1997

"Mason Hale takes a second look at WebObjects". 

Permanent link to archive for Friday, April 25, 1997. Friday, April 25, 1997

DaveNet piece: "No Theories Needed". 

WebMonkey: Should you use a wizzy HTML editor? 

A faster, small-footprint web browser from two guys in Norway

Interesting: HDML

Permanent link to archive for Thursday, April 24, 1997. Thursday, April 24, 1997

"Mail Starting 4/24/97". 

Wesley Felter: Pointcast support for Frontier-built websites. 

Tim Paustian: Frontier CGI scripting tutorial

Jesse Berst has a radical viewpoint on Microsoft and Java. 

May 10-11 in Santa Clara: Be Developer Conference

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Permanent link to archive for Monday, April 21, 1997. Monday, April 21, 1997

DaveNet: "Can Apple Survive?" 

"Apple's WWDC Press Release". 

"Dave Winer at Seybold-NY". 

She comes in like a lamb: Chris Nolan, Silicon Valley's new gossip columnist. 

Dan Gillmor: It's the software dummy

Permanent link to archive for Sunday, April 20, 1997. Sunday, April 20, 1997

Check out the Important Pages site. 

Publishers on Push


Source for the Important Pages site. 

HotWired: Fantastic piece about JavaScript and programming

Minor tweaks: "4.2.3a Mods". 

Permanent link to archive for Saturday, April 19, 1997. Saturday, April 19, 1997

Another fix for the bbSite Suite

John Cranfill: "New model for old-newspaper publishing". 

Temporary home of the Frontier-talk archives

Matt Neuburg's scripting tutorial with a new Brent Simmons look. 

"Dr. Dobb's and ODB Engine". 

Permanent link to archive for Friday, April 18, 1997. Friday, April 18, 1997

Source for the Fat Pages Site

Updated: The Fat Pages website. 

ZDNet: Can Apple keep the faith with desktop publishers? 

Making the web a safer, better place to shop... using Frontier. 

"BBEdit-Scripting List". 

DaveNet piece: "BBEdit". 

NetscapeWorld on Netcaster

Permanent link to archive for Thursday, April 17, 1997. Thursday, April 17, 1997

Frontier 4.2.3 Ships:

     Permanent link to this item in the archive.

  • The full Frontier 4.2.3 package is available at "Frontier 4.2 Download Page".

  • The upgrade is available on the "4.2.3 Upgrade" page.

  • Major new feature: Easy templating for BBEdit-based web developers.

Question: Does anyone have a MFC/Mac implementation of menu sharing? Send mail to dwiner@well.com. Don't worry if you don't understand what this means. 

SF Chronicle: More Apple

SJ Mercury: Apple Apple Apple

Permanent link to archive for Wednesday, April 16, 1997. Wednesday, April 16, 1997

Frontier "4.2.3b3 Upgrade". Use "Stanford's Frontier-webmaster list" for discussion. Thanks! 

MacWEEK: Qualcomm is the new owner of AIMS.  

Interesting idea: We could implement Netcaster's push functionality with Frontier and MacBird and menu sharing. See the "Brief Report on Netcaster"  

for an idea of how it would work and CDF Support in Frontier for an  

idea of what kind of scheduling information is needed. It would also work with MSIE... I'm going to stay focused on 4.2.3, so if anyone wants  

to give this a try, go for it! 

Wired News: Netscape media partners appear tentative

"Apple Q2 Report" -- $708 million loss. 

"Brief Report on Netcaster". 

"Dave Winer at Seybold-NY". 

PC WEEK: Adobe won't abandon Apple

DaveNet: "Say Yes to Everyone". 

InfoWorld: Review of Netscape Visual JavaScript beta. 

Pointcast 1.0/Mac is shipping. Is it scriptable? 

DaveNet: "Down in DixieLand". 

Matt Neuburg squashes the Frontier learning curve. 

SJ Mercury: Ellison's vision for Apple

Permanent link to archive for Tuesday, April 15, 1997. Tuesday, April 15, 1997

A little help from Matt Neuburg

Chuck Shotton: NetEvents 1.0b7 -- it's now a faceless background app or a faceful app with menu sharing support.  

"Working on the Seybold News Site". 

New ContentServer Site

Chuck Shotton's other dog, Tisi, now has her own cam

ZDNet: Netscape Netcasting

Preview: Easy web scripting for BBEdit-based developers.  

If you're an experienced Frontier developer, please help review and debug this new intermediate layer.  

It will be part of Frontier 4.2.3, to be released shortly. Thanks! 

InfoWorld: Ellison says Apple deal is looking more likely

Netscape's NetCaster

I searched the Netscape site looking for a spec like Microsoft's CDF but came up empty. For now it appears the only way to 

push content at NetCaster is with a Marimba transmitter.  

On the other hand, according to news.com, 15 software companies, including  

Freeloader, Wayfarer and Datachannel, will be providing servers that can talk to NetCaster, so it doesn't appear to be a lock-in for 


I'm still looking for the spec. 

Permanent link to archive for Monday, April 14, 1997. Monday, April 14, 1997

Congrats to Kim Polese, one of Time Magazine's 25 most influential Americans! 

The wait is over. http://www.davenet.com/ now points to (you guessed right) DaveNet! 

PC WEEK: Netscape's answer to CDF. (Interesting timing!) 

CDF Support in Frontier

http://www.paulallen.com/. ;

"Peter N Lewis on Rhapsody". 

Infoworld: Server bundles on Windows. Users prefer to mix and match. 

Have you been to the AppleScript site lately? Frontier is everywhere... Thanks! 

SimpleMath UCMD

SJ Mercury: Interviews with Mac developers re Rhapsody

Permanent link to archive for Sunday, April 13, 1997. Sunday, April 13, 1997

SJ Mercury: Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft

Dave Winer: "Frontier is still free". 

Denise Caruso: "Major life change announcement". 

Permanent link to archive for Saturday, April 12, 1997. Saturday, April 12, 1997

Wesley does it! Turn any Frontier-managed website into a CDF channel. Push media comes to Frontier. 

"DaveNet Stories Site". 

Is it "Time for a new platform?" 

WebMonkey's favorite HTML editor? BBEdit 4.0

Brent Simmons finishes version 1.1 of the Crawler Suite. It's now a crawling framework. Cooool. 

Maggy's site gets a new design. At 5AM she says "Shoot me now!" Nahhh. 

Permanent link to archive for Friday, April 11, 1997. Friday, April 11, 1997

"April 1997 Archives". 

News.com: Netscape's push strategy and  

Freeloader challenges Pointcast

Seattle Times: A quick courtship won over WebTV

PC World: Tips and tricks for IE 4.0

Berst Alert: Microsoft and Netscape feud holds HTML hostage

SJ Mercury: PowerComputing's new clones are faster and cheaper than Apple's

Permanent link to archive for Thursday, April 10, 1997. Thursday, April 10, 1997

MacWEEK: Analysts predict a $629 million loss for Apple

Netscape: download Visual JavaScript 1.0 preview. 

News.com: Push shakeout looms

CNNfn: Apple ponders Newton sale

Upside: Interview with Scott McNealy

WebWeek: Sun's Secret Plans For Dealing With Microsoft

"Mail Starting 4/10/97". 

DaveNet: "Great Walls of FUD". 

FUD == Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. 

Permanent link to archive for Wednesday, April 09, 1997. Wednesday, April 09, 1997

Frontier 4.2.3b2 upgrader. Fat Pages now work with Netscape browsers. 

DaveNet: "Sandboxes". 

Steve Silberman eulogizes Allen Ginsburg. 

SJ Mercury: License fee hikes threaten Apple-IBM pact

Permanent link to archive for Tuesday, April 08, 1997. Tuesday, April 08, 1997

Wesley Felter: Broken Inside

Webintosh: HTML Scripting With Frontier

MacWEEK: Ric Ford reports on developer's plans for Rhapsody. 

The Doug Baron Report: Moving Frontier to Windows

A Pulitzer for DaveNet? Hmmm. (I wish!) 

"Mail Starting 4/8/97". 

Fat pages are moving again: April 8, 1997 Changes

Permanent link to archive for Monday, April 07, 1997. Monday, April 07, 1997

DaveNet: "The Patent Angle". 

Not for attribution: "Microsoft and the WebTV Patents". 

Chuck Shotton: Remote Server Management with X-10

Base64 Encoder/Decoder for Mac

DaveNet: "What a Weekend!" 

Dr HTML is in. 

Permanent link to archive for Sunday, April 06, 1997. Sunday, April 06, 1997

Important stuff: "Mail Starting 4/6/97". 

"Woz on Rhapsody". 

Microsoft/Pointcast: Channel Definition Format spec. 

NY Times version of the AP report. (Password required) 

ZDNet: WebTV To Bring Java To Internet Appliances

CNN's report

What is WebTV? 

Microsoft press release

DaveNet: "Microsoft to Acquire WebTV". 

Permanent link to archive for Saturday, April 05, 1997. Saturday, April 05, 1997

JavaScript Tip of the Week

Andrew Himes: Biscuits & Blues & Java Bombast

DaveNet: "Bill Gates on Java". 

DaveNet: "Hail This!" 

Another news.com report says that Netscape is lowering some of the security barriers in Communicator. 

News.com reports on an outrageous onstage stunt by Sun's McNealy. 

HotWired interview with Scott McNealy. (Requires RealAudio.) 

Permanent link to archive for Friday, April 04, 1997. Friday, April 04, 1997

News.com: Gates says Java no Holy Grail

Steve Wozniak on "Mail Starting 4/4/97". 


AnchorDesk: What's wrong with Push?  

While you're there, check out the "Email this story to a friend" button. What a good idea! If someone would build a CGI in Frontier that does this, I'd offer the same service to  

DaveNet readers, with credit, of course. Make it connect directly to AIMS, if possible. Interface thru a Frontier macro. DW 

DaveNet: "Hail Mary!" 

Permanent link to archive for Thursday, April 03, 1997. Thursday, April 03, 1997

MacWEEK has an excellent story on the Saudi prince who's now Apple's 

largest shareholder, and his friendship with Larry Ellison. 

ContentServer 1.0, a powerful new way to manage large dynamic sites with lots of authors. 

Can you read Hawaiian? 

The Fusion Philosophy Debate continues

Apple Technote 1095: Object Support Library Version History

International Lyrics Server

Do you read French

NY Times: Apple Is Said to Be Seeking Friendly Deal. (Password required) 

"Mail Starting 4/3/97". 

Webintosh reviews Fat Web Pages. 

DaveNet: "Owning English". 

Permanent link to archive for Wednesday, April 02, 1997. Wednesday, April 02, 1997

Infoworld Special Report: Making sense of Java

Netscape, Sun, IBM: Java Foundation Classes

DaveNet: "Toolboxes". 

Fat Pages FAQ

Permanent link to archive for Tuesday, April 01, 1997. Tuesday, April 01, 1997

Linkbot, Big Brother

Barry Frankel says Web Ads are Intrusive and Wesley Felter replies

Check this out. Amazing! 

MacWEEK: Goodbye AppleLink. (A tear comes to my eye...) 

Object database that stores Java applets

Andy J Williams at Harvard is using Frontier for a class website. 

"MIME Encoder/Decoder Needed". 

Netscape Visual JavaScript: press release and  


A preview version for Windows will ship next week. US$495. 

Tom Biddulph's new Java toy

Lots of new stuff on "Mail Starting 3/31/97". 

Brian Ablaza: "The Philosophy of Fusion" (an important piece) and a fat page graphic

DaveNet: "Saving Software". 


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