Scripting News: What "coder" means and why it's bad.#

Scripting News: Oppose Time-Warner/Comcast merger.#

Little Card: The Beatles say good morning!#

It's a Beatles Wednesday on Scripting News!#

Fred Wilson wrote about the importance of a personal blog. #

A comment I posted on his blog follows..#

#1: Thanks for this Fred. Blogging is important, and doing it in someone else's namespace doesn't cut it. You're a guest. On your own blog you are The Boss, and the buck starts and stops with you. And if you don't like what the technology is doing to you, you can move. If you're writing under someone else's name, you're stuck with them. #

I had some comments here about Medium but didn't think they were well-written and I don't have time to edit, so off to the bit-bucket! :0#


I keep telling the Product Hunt guys to get on board and give me a feed. I'm not saying it because I want it for myself (though I do), I'm saying it because it will fit into something I'm working on, and it will drive exactly the kind of people they want to use their service and contribute to it. It's a great fit. And the cool thing about doing a feed is you never know what someone will do with it. And maybe that's also why people are scared of doing a feed.#

Imho, the only reason not to do it is if you're not hot and you know it. Somehow you're going to scam your way through and before anyone discovers your product is a thin veneer on something trivial you'll squeak by, whatever that means to you. If you're confident that you're building equity, however you determine that, via flow, brand name recognition, position, market cap -- you do the feed, because it helps you build. #

Fear is just frozen fun. Now give me the feed. #


Scripting News: The missing people of Burning Man.#

Today's background image is (are?) blueberries! The summertime blues. And here's a Little Card to go with the occasion. #

Why can't we live a generous sharing life 52 weeks a year, all around the globe, without burning prodigious amounts of fossil fuels to get to a remote place in the middle of the Nevada desert, one of the most empty places on the planet. #

It's relatively easy to live in a cooperative way if you remove all the noise and distractions of our lives. Things need to work a lot better if we're going to survive. And we lose so much time and evolution because we have our individual priorities so wrong. #

Maybe it's time to live a different kind of life the whole year round.#

New release: Posting to WordPress and Facebook. This version of Little Facebook Editor can post to WordPress and Facebook simultaneously, and updates both posts every time you save.#

In 1994 I got an email response to a blog post from Bill Gates, and of course I ran it. In 2014, my Facebook post was liked by Mark Zuckerberg. Another item off my bucket list. #

Scripting News: Getting rid of Gmail tabs.#

Today was one of the few truly hot days this summer. We had hot weather in May, but then it's been very temperate the rest of the summer. Usually you have a few 100 degree days. I don't think we have had any this year. #

At the turnaround point on today's ride I was sunning, a few blocks north of Stuyvesant High School, looking out over the river, soaking up the warmth and realized things are about to change. In Central Park, the roads are already covered with fallen leaves. There are hints of yellow or orange in the canopy. And the forecast is for things to cool off tomorrow.#

If I get a say I vote for at least one major hot spell before we start wearing our fall clothes. Let's have one fling with summer.#

A picture named kirkMcCoy.gif#


New release: Little Facebook Editor v0.41. With this new release, it's now possible to maintain a library of Facebook posts. It's really starting to feel like a blogging app.#

The new software: Little Facebook Editor.#

Readme: About Little Facebook Editor. With the ability to update posts, Facebook becomes a publishing surface for blogging software.#

JavaScript function that updates a Facebook post.#

Scripting News: New software coming.#

On Facebook: I have a new piece of software coming.#

Scripting News: Podcasting grew out of blogging.#

Scripting News: What language to learn?#

Scripting News: What does a blog do in 2014?#

Scripting News: Installing Facebook Messenger.#

The reason you get links to Scripting News articles instead of the full text is that they're on a different site in my CMS. Sorry about that. My sites are always the bleeding edge, the place where I experiment the most. So it's always all just barely working. Be glad you get the links! :-0#

It's even worse than it appears.#

There's a lot of cynicism in tech. I'm a believer. I know users are supposed to be lazy and not care about freedom. But I think enough of them do to make a market.#

Products have to be easy. But they don't have to be effortless. We use lots of products that require effort, some specifically because they require effort. My bike for example, which is one of the best purchases I've ever made. If you get a dog, you're going to buy lots of stuff that requires effort (ask Chris Voss). Effort isn't the issue.#

I think people care. You see evidence of it everywhere every day. But they have to be excited! And that's cool. I want to be excited too.#

Now a song to sing along with!#

PS: Cross-posted on Facebook.#

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