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Permanent link to archive for Saturday, May 31, 1997. Saturday, May 31, 1997

A very coool redesign, with some ideas for the Frontier 5 site. 

NetscapeWorld: JavaScript 1.2's evolution as explained by its creator

Don Larson suggests using Fractal Design's Poser to do the two hands giving each other 5. 

Jim Roepcke: dynAuthor -- a suite of Frontier CGIs that make it easy for a webmaster to remotely edit, create and manage web pages and web sites using the Frontier web authoring framework. 

Edward Leafe: suites.mailServer -- a basic outgoing-only mailing list server. 

O'Reilly and Associates: Worldwide Web Journal

Permanent link to archive for Friday, May 30, 1997. Friday, May 30, 1997

Matthew Bardram: A design that incorporates both Scripting News and Frontier 5. It's getting interesting! 

Dan Sandler: Scripting News redesign

Guest DaveNet: "Jesse Berst on Web Development". 

Dave Winer: "The Next Design Challenge". 

Test page for the Frontier 5 site. 

Jesse Berst is singing our song on Anchor Desk. Right on! 

Frontier 4, released in May 1996, over a year ago, had all the features described in Berst's piece. 

It's being refined and extended for Frontier 5.  

Last week we pointed to the docs website for Vignette 2.2. 

Permanent link to archive for Thursday, May 29, 1997. Thursday, May 29, 1997

Clearway: Top Twenty Tips for Mac Webmasters

Chicago Tribune: Frontier is a wild card

Dave Winer: "Java needs Marimba?" 

"Mail Starting 5/29/97". 

Chuck Shotton: SiteWatcher;  

and Daniel Berlinger's traps table for Frontier

Permanent link to archive for Wednesday, May 28, 1997. Wednesday, May 28, 1997

HTML Rename! looks quite excellent. 

Microsoft updates the Channel Definition Format spec. 

Purity Software: WebSentinel public beta

John Norstad: WWDC Trip Report

Changed formatting of this page so lines wrap properly in Netscape Navigator.  

If problems persist, please send mail to dwiner@well.com. ;

Yale Web Style Guide

Frontier users: It's a good time to "Save A Copy". 

CNN: Death toll from Texas tornadoes continues to rise.  

Prayers for our friends in Austin, from the land of many earthquakes... 

Permanent link to archive for Tuesday, May 27, 1997. Tuesday, May 27, 1997

"Help Re-design the Scripting News Page". 

What comes after Java? You heard it here first.  

Web designers and developers look for work on the Class Ads site. 

WebTV added special effects to HTML before Microsoft did. 

InfoWorld: Apple plans new CPUs, wreaks havoc with the clone vendors

The Seybold Report on Publishing Systems plans to commission an article on 

the use of Frontier for automating editorial and production processes, and 

would like to hear from any publishing organization that uses Frontier. 

Please contact Thad McIlroy, Associate Editor, Seybold Publications, 

tkmcilroy@aol.com. ;

Permanent link to archive for Monday, May 26, 1997. Monday, May 26, 1997

Updated: Nerd's Guide to the DaveNet Website

It would be great if someone who knows Frontier got this job

Brad Schrick: "Economics of ISPs". 

Permanent link to archive for Sunday, May 25, 1997. Sunday, May 25, 1997

DaveNet: "Think Seybold, Dave". 

"Mail Starting 5/25/97". 

Restarted: "UserLand's Frontier-Central List". 

"Leonard Rosenthol on OSA Menu". 

"Craig's Castanet Channels". 

Permanent link to archive for Saturday, May 24, 1997. Saturday, May 24, 1997

All kinds of jobs in Help Wanted on the scripting.com Class Ads site. 

Updated: Outliner Suite

Updated: "UserLand's Frontier-Central List". 

Permanent link to archive for Friday, May 23, 1997. Friday, May 23, 1997

The SJ Mercury asks if the browser wars  

force users to choose between Microsoft's and Netscape's browsers.  

In today's DaveNet  

I explain why scripting makes it possible for Microsoft channels to be distributed thru Netscape's browser.  

A safe way forward for Netscape users, even if there are lots of CDF channels. 

You can view the source code  

for the CDF parser or download the software thru a  

fat page

Question: "Does Netscape provide hooks that allow a script to program its crawler?"  

Answer: We don't need access to their crawler, we have a crawler suite that works. 

"Mail Starting 5/23/97". 

Crested Butte in September: Digital Storytelling Festival

Vignette: StoryServer 2.2 Docs

Frontier was Cool Tool of the Day yesterday. 

Design principles for XML

XML 1.0 spec

Permanent link to archive for Thursday, May 22, 1997. Thursday, May 22, 1997

Microsoft's push technology white paper

Interesting project: Parsing CDF files in Frontier

"Mail Starting 5/22/97". 

Transcript of the messaging and scripting session at the Be Developer Conference. 

ListTools, A full-featured ListSTAR management suite. ($25 shareware) 

DaveNet piece: "A change would do you good". 

KFOG, the Bay Area's #1 radio station. 

The next piece of the foundation for the upcoming Frontier-based editorial workflow system:  

Remote Web Page Editing

Permanent link to archive for Wednesday, May 21, 1997. Wednesday, May 21, 1997

News.com: Netscape releases Netcaster beta (Windows only) and  

Microsoft announces push partnerships. 

Jango does the Metadata thing. (Windows only.) 

Philip Greenspun: How to be a Web Whore Just Like Me

I bet this US Senate bill will be popular with Internet users. 

DaveNet piece: "Metadata". 

"Mail Starting 5/21/97". 

Rick Smolan is looking for ideas for his next project. 

Here's a sampling of stuff from his previous project. 

It's only three months past, but it seems longer: "Breaking Rules". 

Tonight in San Francisco: Last Saturdays, the Next 20 Years

Right on! Simson Garfinkle on HotWired. 

Permanent link to archive for Tuesday, May 20, 1997. Tuesday, May 20, 1997

Check out the Frontier graphic on this page. Isn't it cooool? Yeah! 

A fresh start for the Classified Ads site. 

News.com has a report that Apple COO George Scalise is resigning. 

The BBEdit-Scripting list is now searchable

PC WEEK: Great story on how IBM rebuilt its PC business

A fresh start for the guestbook. If you use Frontier to manage your site, please 

sign the guestbook and link to your site. Thanks! 

The final results of the TidBITS search engine shoot off.  

It's a fascinating piece, Frontier played an important role, and it sounds like it ain't over yet.  


Check out Ole Saalmann and David Weingart's entry in the competition. They used Frontier,  

Filemaker and Quid Pro Quo. 

Permanent link to archive for Monday, May 19, 1997. Monday, May 19, 1997

 Permanent link to this item in the archive.

DaveNet piece: "Scripting & Gardening". 

"Working with AppleScript". 

"Mail Starting 5/19/97". 

Permanent link to archive for Sunday, May 18, 1997. Sunday, May 18, 1997

Fortune: Microsoft's OS strategy

"Is there a website for Shoreline?" 

"Mail Starting 5/18/97". 

Thanks to Joshua Allen for a query that displays a list of all future Shoreline concerts. 

Dan Gillmor of the San Jose Mercury-News says:  

'Our entertainment site can do what you want.  

Click on Music, then Search, enter Shoreline under "Where", click Go and you'll get a list of what's coming up there.' 

Right on. It works. 

Here's an even better summary page of what's happening at Shoreline and other Bay Area venues. 

And, thanks to Dan Sokol, the official Shoreline schedule page from Bill Graham Presents. 

Permanent link to archive for Saturday, May 17, 1997. Saturday, May 17, 1997

DaveNet piece: "Ashton-Tate's Framework". 

NetObjects: Fusion 2.0/Mac beta download

"5/29/97: NetObjects BBQ". 

A stylish Mac software company

Permanent link to archive for Friday, May 16, 1997. Friday, May 16, 1997

Philip Suh's Frontier Tip Center

Is Carl Steadman going to heaven or hell? 

MacWEEK: Steve Jobs at WWDC and  

major changes in the Mac OS

Ed Anuff responds in "Mail Starting 5/16/97". 

DaveNet piece: "NewBot". 

PC WEEK: First look at Netscape's Netcaster

Testing ODB Server: an Internet-based glossary server

Bug fix in the odbServer suite. 

Wired has a new search engine, Newbot, which  

indexes high frequency sites.  

Unfortunately it only works with Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows. Honestly,  

I think the benefit of pushing search queries to your desktop isn't worth the trouble. Just having 

a search engine that indexes sites every 15 minutes is enough of a payoff, who needs the gee-whiz 

aspects of the ActiveX stuff? 

I wrote about "just in time" search engines in "Floating Ideas", 9/7/96. 

SJ Mercury: Exponential shuts down

Permanent link to archive for Thursday, May 15, 1997. Thursday, May 15, 1997

Another piece of the foundation for the upcoming Frontier-based editorial workflow system: the odbServer suite. 

Permanent link to archive for Wednesday, May 14, 1997. Wednesday, May 14, 1997

Yes, geeks dig Frontier. But a little-known feature makes it an essential tool for non-geekish power users and web developers.  

I wish more people knew about it!  

News.com: MSIE 3.01 for the Mac, includes support for fat web pages

Big Frontier site: Australian Graphic Design Association

"Mail Starting 5/14/97". 

Permanent link to archive for Tuesday, May 13, 1997. Tuesday, May 13, 1997

Foundations for the upcoming Frontier-based editorial system: The people and custody suites. 

 Permanent link to this item in the archive.

"Is there a way for wannabe-geeks to use Frontier?" Hmmm. Do you use BBEdit

Matthew McGlynn: Password Generator suite

More bullets you can use in your websites...  

Frontier CGI Framework 4.2b4, with important fixes. 

"WWDC Attendees Get Free Frontier". 

A new search engine for the Frontier community. 

It crawls scripting.com and the LTODBS and you can register sites built with Frontier or  

sites that support Frontier webmasters. 

A trip down memory lane. 

Permanent link to archive for Monday, May 12, 1997. Monday, May 12, 1997

Another neat Frontier website

"Mail Starting 5/12/97". 

News.com: Hotwired, others, take another look at agents

Citrix: Q&A on their thin client deal with Microsoft. 

Fat page: Using QBullets from Matterform  

DaveNet: "Do Galaxies Dream?" 

News.com: Deep Blue humbles chess master

Dr. Weil's site on HotWired. 

Apple Developer Conference webcast

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Permanent link to archive for Saturday, May 10, 1997. Saturday, May 10, 1997


Permanent link to archive for Friday, May 09, 1997. Friday, May 09, 1997

Web Review: Archiving the Web

Metrowerks: Latitude, Unix porting tools for Mac apps. 

SJ Merc: Preview of the Be Developer Conference

Be: Developer conference info

Monday's schedule for Apple's developer conference. 

Of Matt Neuburg's tutorials... Robert G. Palmer, Jr., an engineer at Omniview, says:

 Permanent link to this item in the archive.

"I didn't take the time to read Matt's tutorials when

they were first posted, but I was having some problems

setting things up the way I wanted them so I went and

read them.

"Nice job Matt! They are thorough and concise. I

was able to make my site much cleaner and more organized

by using the information in the tutorial. I am glad

to see they are linked to on the Frontier main page.

"These are must reads for any newcomer."

Matt's tutorials: scripting and web building

Permanent link to archive for Thursday, May 08, 1997. Thursday, May 08, 1997

New Frontier site: Vegetarian Society of Hawaii

Fat pages in folders... Our cross-platform file format continues to evolve. 

"Mail Starting 5/8/97". 

Steve Silberman temporarily assumes a new identity. 

Permanent link to archive for Wednesday, May 07, 1997. Wednesday, May 07, 1997

A new Frontier site: Bullets Journal

Does this link break a Georgia law? 

A fresh start for the Classified Ads server

"New Look for the Frontier Site". 

DaveNet piece: "Programmers". 

A new Frontier site: People for Puget Sound

Permanent link to archive for Tuesday, May 06, 1997. Tuesday, May 06, 1997

News.com: Citrix and Compaq in a Network Computer deal. 

Finalized: SiteChanges Suite

"Chuck's X10 Treehouse". 

Mark Roseman: Macintosh TCL Projects

Reed Elsevier in an electronic publishing deal with Microsoft

"Dethe Elza on TCL in Frontier", with a response from Dave Winer. 

Marc Andreessen has the JavaScript religion. 

Seattle Times: On stage theatrics exposes a security hole in ActiveX? 

Permanent link to archive for Monday, May 05, 1997. Monday, May 05, 1997

The Artemis Project is developing a private lunar base. 

The Planetary Society is devoted to the exploration of the solar system and the search for extraterrestrial life. 

How to set up your own "NewsPage" site. 

Andy J. Williams starts a News Page

Home Automation and Security for the Macintosh

Todd Rundgren wants you to buy his music directly, without going thru the record companies.  

"Chuck Shotton on Ticketmaster". 

Pantheon's web publishing system

Seattle Sidewalk: An example of a link that Ticketmaster is suing Microsoft over. 

DaveNet: "Do you have a Head?" 

Keeping a Frontier-based web server happy

"Mail Starting 5/5/97". 

Chris Gulker starts a News Page

Permanent link to archive for Sunday, May 04, 1997. Sunday, May 04, 1997

2/28/97: "Don's Amazing Puzzle". 

Permanent link to archive for Friday, May 02, 1997. Friday, May 02, 1997

Infoworld: Scripting support in 'Memphis'

NetObjects: Component Development Kit

ComputerWorld: Ticketmaster sues Microsoft. Comments? 

DaveNet: "Proof that you Exist". 

"Mail Starting 5/2/97". 

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

Robert Hess on high flow sites, with a sidebar on DaveNet. 

Seattle Post: Java may be bitter brew for Microsoft

Jon Pugh: Base64 encoding-decoding for HyperCard

Permanent link to archive for Thursday, May 01, 1997. Thursday, May 01, 1997

New version: webBrowser.getFrontWindowSource

What is this? 

Agree or disagree? Syntax religion is boring. I want tcl to run in Frontier. 

Sun attempts to define cross-platform scripting,  

but only one Mac developer is on their vendors page. 

Peter N Lewis's Script Daemon

A neat script that converts a  

Frontier scheduler log outline to an HTML file once every hour on the hour. 

More features and fixes for Frontier's scheduler

"Mail Starting 5/1/97". 

Webintosh: Java Virtual Machine showdown


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