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Salon: The Breakfast Spot of Champions. "The Woodside diner that's all the rage with VCs and journalists makes a perfect party locale for 'The Nudist on the Late Shift.'"

WebMonkey: Why Designers Should Care About Mozilla.

News.Com: NSI won't sign with ICANN. "NSI contends that ICANN is supposed to be unbiased and has overstepped its bounds with its fierce public criticism of the company. ICANN counters that its public feud with Network Solutions was triggered as a stall tactic by the registrar to delay erosion of its monopoly."

Esther Dyson, via email: "Once the testbed period is over (now slated for July 17), only accredited registrars will be able to operate in .com, .net and .org."

News.Com: AOL Beats Netizen in Domain Spat. "We don't play favorites with large corporations or small businesses," Graves said. "We treat everybody the same." Uh huh.

5/01/99: Who Owns .Com?

PC WEEK: Will Microsoft 'Open Up'? "The most likely settlement concession points and/or remedies imposed by the judge will be those that are short term and limited in scope, such as the end to exclusive Internet contracts, internal policing by Microsoft of potential anticompetitive behaviors and the opening up of its Windows product to third-party browsers."

PC WEEK compares NT and Linux as a web server. "After a tortuous five days of tests, audited by the best and the brightest from Mindcraft, Microsoft and Red Hat Software Inc., and despite significant tuning improvements made on the Linux side, Windows NT 4.0 still beat Linux using the Apache Web server and Samba in every performance category, although the margin of victory was smaller than in Mindcraft's tests."

TechWeb: Allaire Kicks up E-commerce Tempest. What is it?

Netrics: e-Site. "Web site publishing by email."

Steve Wozniak is at his desk taking comments and questions about The Pirates of Silicon Valley. "I've spoken many times in the past about the importance of Steve Jobs' role in the Apple computers. But I was the inventor and engineer, solely. Remember, the Apple I was the first small computer ever with a keyboard standard, and the Apple II had the first color graphics, the first hi-res graphics, the first BASIC in ROM, the first sound and paddles for games, and a host of very clever approaches. Plus, it was so understandable and versatile and usable that it inspired tons of people. I hear from these people all the time, everywhere I go." Right on. I fell in love with the Apple II, it was great because it had memory mapped video. It was so fast and so easy to program the UI. This was totally revolutionary for me at the time. Thanks Woz!

MacWEEK: MacHack Gets Rolling. "Five members of the 12-person contingent from Mountain View, Calif.-based Netscape offered an update on Mozilla, the forthcoming version of the Navigator 5.0 Web browser."

Stewart Alsop: Have I told you lately that I hate Windows? "You know what? I really wish there were a computer out there that could give me basic PC applications that work fluidly with the World Wide Web and networking. I really wish that the computer industry wouldn't give up right now and leave us holding the Windows bag, just when we've got this new Internet economy opening up for us. I'm dreaming again about being freed from the experts." A clue for Stew, who's a VC now. Invest in software developers.

Forbes: "Softbank's Masayoshi Son has created an Internet empire in a blaze of dealmaking. He's just getting started on what he calls a 300-year business plan."

What is WebEx.Com? (Answer.)

What is WAP Binary XML Content Format? (Answer.)

Jamie Zawinsky: WebCollage creates collages out of random images found on the Web.

Nicholas Petreley on PHP. PHP is a relatively low-level environment. Zope is more complete, and Frontier is even more so. We're all just getting to know each other. Petreley is a brilliant writer and technologist, I've been following his work for years. It's great to see him getting started in this area.


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