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BBC: Net Users Take Over News. "If Slashdot were a mammal, most of our news sites would be the dinosaurs. Many journalists don't understand this and don't think it's journalism."

Hey I got top billing on today's NTK.

Don't be fooled by Microsoft's report on PC WEEK's benchmark comparing Linux and Windows NT. The tests measured performance of super-high traffic static sites. Neither Microsoft or PC WEEK considered price-performance, nor did the tests measure performance of dynamic database-stored sites.

David Rothgery points to a PC Magazine comparison of dynamic web servers on Linux and NT.

Eric Kidd asks a strange but interesting question. "Is anybody working on XML-RPC for Emacs?" Indeed!

CNN: Mario Puzo dead at 78. "The Godfather sold more than 21 million copies worldwide. With the help of director Francis Ford Coppola, Puzo adapted the series to the big screen. Two of the movies earned Puzo and Coppola Best Screenplay Oscars, and Marlon Brando won a Best Actor award."

6/7/96: "I wish DaveNet were a TV show so I could show you a clip from one of my favorite movies, The Godfather, starring Marlon Brando and eighteen other great actors doing their best work."

Techweb: Lotus Chooses Linux, Dumps Netware. "It's a sad thing," said Mike Carey, president of Information Technology Consulting Group, a midsize reseller in Hicksville, N.Y. "People don't realize there's a lot of NetWare out there. My NetWare business is as strong as it's ever been."

PC WEEK: IBM Revises Open Source Agreement. "We're an 800-pound gorilla, but we have impeccable manners."

SiteExperts.Com: Building Documents with XML, XSL, CSS.

Guido van Rossum, the creator of Python, has feedback on My.UserLand.Com. All of Guido's comments are right-on. I'm going to use his comments as a template for the next rev of the user interface. It's time to do a cleanup. Lots of loose-ends.

Former 49ers coach Bill Walsh had breakfast at Buck's with Rams coach Mike White. Coach Walsh is one of my heroes. He knows how to compete. He would always say how great his competitor is. "Oh they're very strong." What respect! It was also great tactics. His team wouldn't be over-confident, but maybe the other guys would. And if he won, well he just beat a great team. Now, if you trash the other guy and win, well, you just beat a loser. I've always felt that Walsh would make a great software company board member. He has a great appreciation for competition. A total class act. I hope to meet him some day, shake his hand, and thank him for being such a great teacher.

News.Com: Tripod Founder Promotes Digital Village. My family vacationed in the Berkshires when I was a kid. Fond memories!

Can we agree on a single content syndication format? I've spoken several times this week with people from Netscape on the next step with RSS and scriptingNews formats. I proposed that we agree on a single format, and a loose way of moving forward in the future.

News.Com: Are Portals Slaves to Windows?

From Steven Ivy's weblog: 'I didn't know that a developer can create a Sherlock plugin which will allow Sherlock to interpret and display search results which are returned in XML.'

UsefulInc has an XSL style sheet for scriptingNews format.

Arnold Lesikar has a cool new Frontier site!

MobileStart: Palm CEO Resigns Unexpectedly. (MobileStart is a My.UserLand.Com channel.)

MacWEEK: Apple Fights iMac Knock-Off. "Apple announced that it has filed a complaint against Future Power and its backer, South Korean PC manufacturer Daewoo, for illegally copying the iMac's industrial design with its forthcoming all-in-one E-Power system."

News.Com: Warner Bros Targets Yahoo's Backlash.

Mozilla.Org: "We at want to clear up any misconceptions resulting from the comments reported Wednesday by an executive at Sun. Our contributors and staff are responsible for the management of all browser development. As a major contributor, AOL completely supports our efforts. Commercial open source software development is in its early stages, and Wednesday's comments demonstrate that it is still regarded with skepticism by some in the industry. We would like to stress that Sun was not speaking for or for AOL." Thanks for clearing that up. Baratz made some very puzzling statements.


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