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InfoWorld: Weblogs mix creative expression with practical information. "Up to this point, Weblogs have existed in relative obscurity. But just last week, this burgeoning genre of online communication gained some legitimacy when respected technology columnist Dan Gillmor launched his own Weblog on Mercury Center, the San Jose Mercury News' Web site."

10/25/99: "We did the software that makes Dan's site run."

Ken Dow compares Frontier 6.1 and Allaire Spectra.

We gotta get this newspaper signed up as a Manila site.

New Channel: SlashDot.Org.

SlashDot does RSS. This is great news. We had a synthetic channel, based on their ultramode.txt file, which has gone away, and is replaced by a RSS file, perfectly suited for our aggregator. A hearty welcome to SlashDot.Org!

Privacy Digest is covering developments with RealNetworks.

Dan Bricklin, ever the innovator, has started a new weblog. Excellent!

Are you having trouble connecting to Scripting.Com?

Which is the most popular link on today's Scripting News? The redirector report reveals the truth, it's awful pulsating banner ad. I guess people love to be outraged??

SalonHerringWiredFool.Com keeps on truckin.

NY Post: "People act like I've just won the lottery, but when I think about it, I don't know what I'd spend the money on. I hate shopping." Me too!

On the Weblogs list, I post a plea for friendship with Robot Wisdom's Jorn Barger. Let's point to each other Jorn.

Another survey! We think Frontier 6.1 will ship in mid-November. When do *you* think it will ship? (Hint, today is November 1.)

Perhaps it's unbelievable that Akamai is worth almost $16 billion two days after it's IPO, but that's what the numbers say.

Now, given this bit of information, what do you think the value of Cobalt will be when they IPO, later this week?

In my meandering, griping, in boredom and frustration, I may have hit upon a new use for an old buzzword, describing a post-UseNet model of web-writing for the masses.

An example, Sharingwood is an intentional community in southern Snohomish county, Washington. "We share meals in our common house 3-4 nights a week, have a playground, campground, 25 acres of forested greenbelt, and other shared amenities." Could the same idea be applied to a shared writing space?

Since its inception in 1962, the 7,400 acre community of Reston has been one of the most innovative and successful planned communities in the United States.

This is the most annoying banner ad I've ever seen.

This is the most complete list of "blogs" I've seen. (Blog is another word for weblog.)

Dan Lyke: "I'm going to have to implement XML-RPC in many of my applications. Like it or not, it's supported by a few tools. I should probably start by putting it in my image library and my search engine when I give y'all access to that." Thanks Dan! Scriptable search engines are a big area with lots of potential.

AppleScript Sourcebook: New features in AppleScript 1.4.0.

I just got eVited to a party. This is very nice. I bet it catches on.

NY Times: "If RealJukebox is used with its default settings, it automatically loads each time a CD is inserted in the CD-ROM drive, and if the computer is connected to the Internet, the title of the CD is sent, together with the GUID, to RealNetworks."

MSNBC: Walter Payton Dead at 45. "Though his nickname was 'Sweetness,' Paytonís running style was bruising. He vaulted over goal lines. He stiff-armed and barreled over tacklers in the open field almost as often as he dodged them." Sad to die so young!

I'm changing the tagline of Scripting News. The old tagline, "News and commentary from the cross-platform scripting community" has served us well. But it's time to move on. The way I work on taglines is by changing them in real-time, seeing how it feels, and then tweaking some more. It might take a couple of weeks.


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