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New channel: Patricia Seybold Perspectives. This is one of the most prestigious market research firms. It's great to get them on the RSS network.

From our ISP, re the connectivity problems: "The one thing that would help is to know how the customers are getting to your site. For instance what ISP they are using. This is important so we can find out which Network Access Point may be experiencing a problem."

Salon: "But then I returned home, booted up my office computer, logged onto and spent my usual 20-odd minutes wading around, lost." Yup.

Thanks to Flutterby for pointing me to Nibelung. I just created my own weblog rotation of the sites I visit frequently. I plan to edit this list, and when it reaches a certain maturity, to link it into the Scripting News home page. It's a very nicely done way to get quickly updated on a bunch of reverse-chronologic pages, aka weblogs.

MacWorld's Jason Snell reviews Mac OS 9. "You could use AppleScript to extract an image from a scriptable database application on a Mac in Miami, then place that image into a QuarkXPress document on a Mac in Seattle -- while all the while, you're in Dallas."

Happy First Anniversary to Tomalak's Realm. Tomalak Rules!

Matthew Haughey: What's the most reliable Whois out there?

Geek Tools WhoIs "will automatically query the correct registry, and return all of the data it can find."

John West, who works at NSI, provides a key lead to the WhereIs WhoIs question. The Scripting News community is incredible! I followed John's advice, and updated our WhoIs interface.

Weblogs at the Cusp of Acceptance. "The last few weeks have been incredible."

Dale Dougherty: Masters of our Shifting Paradigm. "The Web was invented so that people could use computer networks to collaborate -- that is, exchange documents, discuss them...and create new documents that express the collective knowledge that emerges from this collaboration. It was, in other words, supposed to be a groupware application. Despite the astonishing popularity of the Web, it has yet to fulfill that original mission."

It had to happen.. The Shockwave version of I Kiss You!!!!

I'm a little disappointed with the O'Reilly cover for Eric S. Raymond's new book. I thought Eric himself would be the animal on the cover!

I got my review copy of Jon Udell's new book, and read the first couple of chapters over lunch. Excellent stuff. Makes me want to set up an NNTP server.

Our friend in Hong Kong snapped a shot of Sun CEO Scott McNealy. Dan's interview will be posted shortly.

Here's an interesting page on Epinions. The most highly read opinion appears to have a count of 1189.

Here's a job for Mappa.Mundi. Map the relationships between all the weblogs listed in the left margin of CamWorld, where a relationship is a pointer from one weblog to another. What would it look like? South Dakota? A lunar landscape? A bathtub full of rubber duckies?

SF Chronicle: Chris Nolan Resigns at Merc. "Chris Nolan tendered her resignation this morning. She didn't offer any information about where she's headed."

SF Examiner: Nolan Filed Lawsuit. "On Oct. 1, Nolan filed a charge of sexual discrimination, retaliatory firing and unequal pay with the California Department of Fair Employment & Housing."

News.Com: Microsoft outlines Windows 2000 pricing. "When it debuts in February, Windows 2000 Professional will sell for an estimated retail price of $319, the same as its predecessor, Windows NT 4 Workstation. An upgrade from Windows NT will cost $149, the current price to move from previous versions of Windows NT, the company said yesterday in a briefing."

New Manila site: Ken's Digest. "Music News & Views From The Bruce Peninsula." It's so pretty!

Zope.Org: O'Reilly to publish a Zope book. "The book will be published under a not-yet agreed upon Open Content license. This means that during the evolution of the book, you will be able to view and download the material for your own information needs."

JavaScript.Com. "The Definitive JavaScript Resource".

NCSA: A Beginner's Guide to HTML.

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