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DaveNet: Microsoft's Next Step?

It's been a long time since I've posted a teaser, or at least such an overt one. Tomorrow there's going to be a new site linked into Scripting News, and like Dan Gillmor's site, it's the first of what I hope will be a breed, a genre of website.

Steve Ivy just started another new kind of weblog. Wow.

An email I sent to the XML-RPC list re Apache and XML. "I hope the XML-RPC community is well-represented there, and that we participate with respect and professionalism." And enthusiasm and evangelism!

A letter from Mahir. "The photos, the address and most of the writings in the page was mine; but there were some additions saying that I liked sex, and had the hobby of taking photos of the naked models. And also it was saying that I was inviting the women all over the world to my house. We were all surprised and laughing. They started to search for finding who did that and why, and was that a joke or a plot." Excellent!

Press release: Be works with Sun on Java. Schwinnng!

TechWeb: "The Bowstreet 1.0 Web Automation Factory is shipping. Pricing starts at $250,000."

WebMonkey: Server-side Scripting Shootout.

Forbes: The Return of Push. "BackWeb and Marimba have carved up the push pie into two distinct segments in which they are the leaders." Push pie!

Dale Dougherty: What's Up With The Docs? "Documentation is the heart and soul of O'Reilly."

Builder.Com is auctioning all the seats at Jakob Nielsen's workshop following the Builder.Com conference in New Orleans.

Jakob's new AlertBox on Graceful Degradation of web interfaces. Just curious, why is the date on this piece 10/31/99?

Jon Udell: Why isn't ODBC a standard part of Linux?

Wired: "While consumers might one day turn to network computers, or Linux, or a combination of middleware and some other operating system, as an alternative to Windows, the fact remains that they are not doing so today," Jackson said.

9/12/99: "People who use spreadsheets and word processors and web browsers and email programs choose Windows in droves, and rightly so."

Red Herring: Pondering Microsoft's Breakup Valuation. "He assigns the following values to the broken-up pieces of Microsoft: platforms, $57 billion; applications, $55 billion; Internet pieces, $245 billion; cash on hand, $18 billion; and unearned revenue, $4 billion."

Wired: More Real Damage Control. "RealNetworks has issued another software update that addresses a privacy concern, this time in its popular RealPlayer software."

Andrew Wooldridge points to Macromedia's announcement of DreamWeaver 3, which he says supports HTTP, which means that it could support XML-RPC? Let's figure this out!

Dori Smith, our resident expert on JavaScript, answers a question about how scriptable DreamWeaver 3 is.

MacWEEK first look at Fireworks 3 from Macromedia, with a few bits about DreamWeaver 3.

Pyra has a new feature that I totally envy called Blogger. Perhaps they want to open Blogger so it can be used with any content management system? Questions questions. Do they have a patent? And congrats to Pyra, it's a good idea.

Brain Sausage logs off.

Oh Geeez! What's next? Mahir goes to Fargo? You betcha!

News.Com: Apache and XML. "Apache will collect all the technology and improve it where necessary, said Apache president Brian Behlendorf. For example, in its first project, the organization will take the best features of IBM and Sun's XML parsers and meld them into one product."

Jerry Pournelle: The Microsoft Decision was Wrong.

Rogers Cadenhead (apparently) is reporting a bug in our redirector. He says that when he clicks on the MSNBC link below, it fails for him. I just tried logging off and clicking on the link and it works for me. FWIW, I blocked him from posting on our DG because I got tired of deleting his personal comments.

MSNBC: is "promising to give away domain names, for free. The company will foot the bill for the wholesale price of registering the name, a $6 dollar fee paid to NSI which runs the domain name registry service, a database that acts as a master directory for all .Com, .Org and .Net addresses."

Salon: GM's E-Xecutive. "On a weekly basis, there are over a half a billion hours of eyeball time that customers spend in their vehicles."


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