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EditThisPage: Syndicating Your Site. "It's impossible for one person to watch 267 sites, that's why it's great that we have two tools to help sites that are publishing real content to get their new developments in front of the eyes of interested readers."

EditThisPage: Teaming Up. "If you have people who you'd like to get in the Manila loop, and if they're not web people by profession, instead of giving them their own site, let's have them work with you on yours."

Misnomer: Accounts from WTO Protestors. "No mistaking that we are entering the secured zone that hundreds of riot police are protecting with tanks."

We've come a long way in a short time. On 2/16/99, I posted a note pointing to a screen shot of a very early version of Manila.

More screen shots: #2, #3, #4.

Jason Kottke did a 20-minute review of Manila.

Dan Hartung theorizes about our motivations for Manila. We want to make developing and editing websites easier. That's about it.

Kate Adams' site has a hot tub!

DanDot comes to ManilaLand. Abe Vigoda came too!

The Edmonton Oilers have a weblog on EditThisPage.Com.

A simple interesting resume-style website.

Zeke Koch takes us on a trip to Italy, with pictures.

Robb Beal has grreat plans for his Manila site.

Marc Canter's Manila site is R-rated. He has a picture of a famous Hong Kong venture capitalist too. Why does Hong Kong seem to figure in everything we're doing?? Parental guidance advised.

Dan Bricklin's Manila site is just getting started.

Phil Suh is covering the Builder.Com conference in New Orleans. When he posts stories to his site I will link to them from Scripting News. We're going to work together to build a real-time audience for people at the conference. Let's have fun!

Here's what I'd like the home page of EditThisPage.Com to look like in a month or so. (With real sites linked into all the technology areas.)

Brigitte Eaton's CSS troubles are solved. Thanks everyone!

Dan Gillmor called yesterday to talk about Manila Mania. Why are people so excited now? We both wondered. I gave it some more thought. "Because now we have a way to show people how cool content management is using only their web browser."

Another strong intuitive thing. We're outside the envelope now. All of a sudden things are growing out of control. This is an important part of the Web Experience, as well. Gotta keep on truckin. I can see my upcoming vacation disappearing into the aether. Oy!

I wonder if any Frontier developers have Manila and ContentServer running on the same machine.

Wes Felter: "I'm debating whether it's better to know that the cutest person in one of your classes is engaged. On one hand, you have no chance. On the other hand, you don't have to worry about embarrassing yourself, since you have no chance."

Advice from Uncle Dave: Never say never.

UserLand sites top both Web Log Scoop indexes today.

According to Bloat, Scripting News might be losing its status as a weblog. "Is it really a weblog if you only link to things you're involved in?" How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

Screen shots of an outliner that's trying not to be an outliner?

Nick Dimmock: WuName Needs New Home.

Qube Quorner keeps on truckin.

ZopeNewbies: "Would it be possible to create a Zope equivalent of Manila just using the ManilaRPC specs?" I'm sure it is, and when it happens, the desktop tools will connect into Zope as easily as they connect to Manila, and we'd have the most revolutionary standard since HTTP.

Danny O'Brien: "Okay, but how do you create a weblog style stream?" Answer: It's explained here.

Nick Potter is a Brit living in Hong Kong.

What is the IETF? "Many important IETF documents speak of the IETF as if it was an already-defined entity. However, no IETF document really defines well what the IETF is. This document gives a more concrete definition of 'the IETF' as it understood today." OK.


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