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Chris Nolan's new column in the NY Post. "When they get around to conducting the census in Woodside, Ca., they're going to have to wear sunglasses. The glare from the Internet star power is getting that bad." Welcome back Chris!

News.Com: Power Shifts in the Java World. "I weighed the options and I've made a decision. I've decided we will not submit Java to ECMA," said Pat Sueltz, head of Sun's software division, in a keynote address today at the Java Business Expo in New York.

BTW, the next big thing on our To-Do-List here at UserLand is getting the Trial Version of 6.1 together. We're also working on a deal with Exodus to augment our connection with Conxion. Let's have fun!

Bernhard Uellenberg is using Manila to collect lists. "We invite everyone to become a contributing editor. Just one mail away and you get the chance to become a famous lists operator." Help him out? Seems like a good idea.

Allaire's Spectra is shipping. "Now, your corporation can empower individuals and embrace the Web as a strategic center of business." Perhaps someone objective would like to start a Manila site to study Spectra? It wouldn't be the first time we used our software to cover another web content system.

Pictures from the Seattle riots. Warning, some of the pictures are bloody, almost all show violence.

Independent Media Center: Thousands protest in Manila.

A picture of Lynne Siprelle and the world-famous Josie.

Remember the rotating weblog banner ads? Now there's a report showing the number of impressions and click-thru rates for each of the ads. And we seem to have a bug in our cookie code that's keeping the whole thing from fully working. I want to get to the bottom of it.

For Frontier developers, the first release of weblogMonitor.root. I know there's a lot to digest right now. WLM-like apps are a big part of the server-side future of Frontier. It runs 24-by-7 on our systems. It integrates Manila with a real Internet application. An important sample app as we go forward.

Dru Ojay: Writing for the Web.

Jakob Nielsen: Writing for the Web.

Phil's first night in New Orleans.

My 1997 New Orleans story.

Two really hot companies: Phone.Com and MyAladdin.Com.

Phone.Com's market cap is over $10 billion.

Alain Rossman is the CEO of Phone.Com. I know Alain from the very early days of the Mac. Mike Boich, Guy Kawasaki and Alain played an instrumental role in the software we did in 1984-85. It's great to see him so well!

Would someone like to start a site to cover WAP, the protocol behind this? I have a feeling we could do something interesting with this, with a pair of Manila sites. One for people using desktops and one for flowing news to people with cellphones.

From the It-Never-Hurts-To-Ask Dept, Dan Garner started WAP News. If you're interested in WAP, become a member.

Kate Adams is turning into one of our greatest evangelists. I first met Kate in Crested Butte in 1997 at the Digital Storytelling Festival. She was working at Apple at the time, in the QuickTime group. Kate is an incredible storyteller and just oozes intelligence and enthisiasm, as you can tell from her site. I'm so glad she's playing with our stuff.

Here's my account of the 1997 DSF. The part about Microserfs was something I shared with Kate on the trip back from Colorado. "Microserfs is a beautiful book of friendship and love and confusion set in Redmond, Palo Alto and Las Vegas and in the board rooms of Sand Hill Road. Everyone in the software industry should read this book. Oh man. I wish I had written it. It has already added color to my life. Lots! I feel like I'm living in Microserfs. I bet you will too."

To borrow a line from Microserfs, Manila is totally 1.0. Yeah!

MSNBC: No Signal from Mars Polar Lander. "NASA scientists again failed to make contact with the Mars Polar Lander, destroying any remaining hope that the spacecraft had survived its landing on the Red Planet."

Survey results: 94% of UserLand.Com members believe there is water on Mars.

New URL for Wired:

This Salon article gives me chills. I doubt they would treat it so lightly if the subject were female sexual mutilation.


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