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We're starting to implement new features in Manila in response to customer feedback. The number one most requested feature is "Multiple Days on the Home Page." People also call this the "Just Like Scripting News" feature.

It's ready now. "To display more than one day, change the number." And there's a new template that controls how Manila renders each day. This feature is available now on all UserLand-hosted Manila sites.

BTW, Frontier 6.1 users can get the new Manila features by updating manila.root. Bring manila.root to the front and choose the Update command in Frontier's Main menu. It's the first command, so it's always easy to find.

Misnomer and Queso didn't waste any time implementing the new feature. Excellent!

Phil Suh finishes the Builder Live website with an ominous quote. "I spoke to a lot of different people about content management systems for websites. Everyone is in agreement, there is nothing good out there right now."

BusinessWeek: Using the Net for Brainstorming.

Now you can run surveys from pages on EditThisPage.Com. Please read the docs carefully and understand the limits. It's a little awkard since the surveys are managed on a UserLand.Com domain and the pages are on EditThisPage.Com. Nonetheless, these are interactive macros, a first for Manila.

You can now change the colors on surveys.

Looking for new stuff in the weblog world? Check out Weblog Monitor. It's really hoppin!

Andrew Wooldridge explains why Netscape's new browser is taking longer than almost everyone would like. (Andrew works at Netscape.)

Dennis Moser: "Greetings, Growers!"

Stephane Volet: Internationalizing Manila.

It's always a good idea to review your surveys, esp ones that asked people to make a prediction. BTW, the official shipdate for Frontier 6.1 was December 1. (65% chose Nov 25 or Dec 10.)

If you have questions about using Manila, please post a note to the Manila-Newbies mail list or on the Manila-Newbies discussion group. With over 400 new sites in the last week, it's impossible for me to help people directly, no matter how important their work is. Use the tools, let's build a community, it'll work much better that way. I don't like being a hard-ass, but this is one of those times when there's absolutely no other way to do it. Thanks for listening.

Industry Standard table of web content systems. This picture changes now that Manila is shipping. Who should I talk with at the Standard?

Eric S. Raymond is worth $36 million. "I'm not going to minimize my attachments by giving it all away, though, so you evangelists for a zillion worthy causes can just calm down out there and forget about hitting me up for megabucks. I am *not* going to be a soft touch, and will rudely refuse all importunities." OK.

WSJ: "Nudity was the big selling point, as a way of showing that digital downloading of software was so easy and convenient that it could be done, undressed, in one’s home."

News.Com: AltaVista and Homestead Deal. "Home page publishing has become one of the more popular offerings on the Web. Proponents say users tend to spend more time and return more often to a home page service because they have a personal stake."

Jason Levine is a natural weblogger.

Dan Gillmor's Manila site travels with him. Last month he reported from Hong Kong. Today's report is from New Orleans.

The Life of Brian continues to offer good service.

A couple of sites complain that I'm watching them. I'll keep watching but I'll stop pointing. When you run a public website it's weird to complain that people are watching. (That's the point, isn't it?)

Wes Felter uses his Manila site well. He always has something good, like the following link, which came from Wes's site.

Zope.Org: The Zope/Mozilla Initiative. "Zope's management environment pays for the flexibility of an 'Internet architecture' by being less productive than competitive 'thick-client' environments." Hmmm. Refreshingly honest! (We like thick clients, but we like thin ones too.)

I'm having trouble figuring out what Charlie Goodier is doing on his site. It looks quite interesting.

MacFixit: AirPort not ready for prime time.


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