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I'm working on a new version of affiliate.root, should ship in the next few days. This version will work!

People who use Dreamweaver and Manila will want to check this out. Andrew Wooldridge has a "floater" that allows you to edit a Manila site template in DreamWeaver. Keep going Andrew!

Andrew pulls another rabbit out of his hat. He's customized Mozilla to be the perfect editing tool for Manila! Quickly, I'm going to have to fly up to Redmond to explain this one. I love the web!

Charlie Wood: "It seems like you could drive a lot of knowledge into the Frontier user base if you published the source." We ship the full source for Manila with Frontier 6.1.

Charlie also asks about our business model. Study this site carefully. How many NT and Mac networks are there?

More thoughts: "I figured out my business model when Dan Shafer told me how long it would take to make a change to the production process on the Builder.Com site."

Charlie's company has a different business model. However I think when his customers find out they can do what Manila does for $899 per server with unlimited sites and users, they might wonder why they had to pay $250K+ for something that isn't as easy to set up or use.

What does Vignette do? Their docs aren't on the web. Frontier's docs are, of course. And we even let our competitors use the product for free. I wonder why Vignette is so tight with the specs? Maybe it isn't that good?

Stephen Judd reviews Vignette Story Server.

BTW, I would have rejected the name Story Server because its initials are SS, the name of the secret police in Nazi Germany, probably the most despised pair of letters in western culture.

Stephen Judd: Jews in New Zealand.

Dave Aiello: "Isn't most of StoryServer still written in Tcl? Why not release it all?" Excellent idea!

Only on the web can competitors take shots at each other and retain their dignity.

PS: I think Kate Adams is a member of every EditThisPage.Com site!

New Manila Feature: Navigation Customization. "In the initial release of Manila, the navigation bar was vertical, with a paragraph tag between each item, and the text was in bold. Now you can alter the appearance of the navigation bar."

Perl's Tom Christiansen to Dan Gillmor on Y2K. Served by Manila.

Heidi Roizen (remember her?) started a new Internet company.

Jakob Nielsen: Voodoo Usability. "The good news is that usability has been recognized as an important element of Internet success: the average speaker at industry conferences now promotes good user experience in preference to 'cool sites.'"

MisterPoll.Com works much as surveys.userland does. (However it doesn't seem to remember how you voted, not sure if you can change your vote.)

News.Com: Andover.Net Validates OpenIPO Concept. "The price people were willing to pay kept going up and up."

Emmanuel Décarie asks "Anyone know the FXP/1.1 protocol?"

A message I posted to the Weblogs mail list on eGroups re last week's (quiet) source release of weblogMonitor.root. "Imagine a weblog network within a single company. Imagine a WLM checking in with all the sites every hour. An organizational portal. A simple idea, but I think it's close to what people want for the next couple of years."

A newly active mail list is discussing enhancements to RSS.

I love the note at the top of today's Hack The Planet. One of the cool things about Manila sites is that you can edit your site where ever you can find a web browser. (Which is most places these days.)

Leigh Dodds opens a discussion on the future of Weblog Monitor and compares EditThisPage.Com to GeoCities.

Qube Quorner is cookin. Anyone from Cobalt tuned in?

ThingsHopedFor.Com. "The website is used by my Sunday school class, a small group of inner city kids who now have a website to contribute to and to be a part of their learning. Sure beats flanelgrams, puppets and acrostics! Many thanks to your great company who has made this possible." You bet!

Doc is back at the Cluetrain weblog.

Sexism runs wild at the close of the 20th century. I know lots of bed-hopping single women, married ones too. And get this, not only are men looking for Mom in their mates, so are women.

4/9/96: The Perfect Parent. As adults "we have to look inside to find the good parent, not outside."

Marc Canter: "It's the Jewish mother in me. 'A little of dis, and little of dat - Oh boy, cham I gonna have some food fur chu!'"

See what I mean? Even a big man has an inner-mother. BTW, Marc was the guy going thru the divorce in The Perfect Parent, in 1996. Talk about synchronicity! I've been hanging with Marc ever since, and he becomes a better friend all the time. (We have our ups and downs, but what the heck, that's what friendship is about, it's what's left after the ups and downs.)

Another cool picture from Marc's site.


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