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Today we rollout the makeover of the DavosNewbies site, designed by Garret Vreeland and showcasing the writing of Lance Knobel. This site comes from the heart, it's very beautiful. We also know the site is a little slow, we're going to do some optimizing (or "optimising" as Lance says). This shows what you can do with a Manila if you pull out all the stops and if you have great writing and photography to present.

Sidebar to Microsoft, whose CEO will be at Davos, Lance's site runs on a single $2K Dell box running Windows 2000, along with over 1600 other sites. To people who say that W2K isn't a great server OS, let's show them what people can do, without a degree in rocket science.

Sidebar to Frontier users, Garret is working on a site that explains how the makeover of DavosNewbies happened. From that site, we're going to release a snapshot of the site source code, so everyone who has Frontier can peek behind the scenes and see how he did it.

The optimizing is done on DavosNewbies, now it should load very quickly. All the little GIFs and JPEGs are being served by Apache now. Here's the script Brent wrote to do the optimizing.

Good news for palmtop users. The Avantgo version of Scripting News is updating once again. And for people who have been having trouble getting through to the new Exodus server, this gives you a way to tap into the flow thru Conxion. Still looking for hosting nirvana, one that's fast for everyone.

XML.Com: Zope and XML-RPC. "Since XML-RPC is built into Zope, all your Zope objects are XML-RPC-enabled."

Postscript to my post IE 5.5 woes. Apparently, when I uninstalled IE 5.5, it reverted to IE4. IE4. IE4. Yahh. So I upgraded to the current IE5. And now things are working *much* better! Stay toooned!

Proof that Manila is a viral app.

Salon: No sex please, we're geeks.

This old VAX at UW-Madison retired at the end of 1999. I never programmed this machine, it was arriving as I was leaving. I did program on PDP-11s, and loved them almost as much as my 19-year-old girlfriend. (I was 21.)

Brad Pettit: "Browsing the binary for the iTools plug-in, it's obviously capable of gathering and sending all sorts of machine-specific data to Apple, such as hardware ethernet addresses!"

LinuxNewbies: Directory Creation and Removal.

Red Hat: Introduction to C Development on Linux.

Skinz.Org: "Apple has contacted us and wants all the Mac skins removed, which means we obviously can't accept new ones either."

TechWeb: Joy sees many Webs. "It has been clear to us since '95 that there wasn't just one Web," Joy said. "Many people still think there is just one Web. There isn't. There are six Webs, and they come from the modality in which the information is used. They are all interconnected."

Red Herring: AOL/Time Warner marriage causes M&A shakeup. "The AOL/Time Warner merger suddenly gives the Internet world new power. The experts certainly seem surprised at the reversal of roles, in which the new Internet generation, with its lack of large numbers but sky-high stock valuations, can make the rules."

On the Robot Wisdom weblog, Jorn Barger asks if AOL has legs. Jorn uses Phil Greenspun's discussion group software, which allows people to post without having registered. A cross between a guestbook and a discussion group. Neil Bornstein gets the first comment and it's a good one. Time Warner has a wealth of creative content. AOL could play music while you surf. Familiar music, golden oldies. I'd love to see a list of music that AOL/Time Warner owns.

How long before they drop the "Time Warner" part?

Last night we had dinner with Matt Neuburg. It was fun! I had only met Matt face to face once before, and had forgotten how he talks. We had a great time. We took Matt on a tour of the Frontier source code, showed him how Frontier's compiler, interpreter, object database and outliner work.


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