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CNN: Texas executes Betty Lou Beets. "Betty Lou Beets, convicted of murdering her husband in 1983, was put to death by lethal injection just after 6 p.m. CST at a state prison in Huntsville, Texas."

2/3/98: "Warden Baggett, thank all of you so much. You have been so good to me. I love all of you very much. I will see you all when you get there. I will wait for you."

MSDN: A Young Personís Guide to SOAP. "The guiding principle behind SOAP is to 'first invent no new technology.' SOAP uses two existing and widely deployed protocols: HTTP and XML."

2/18/95: "Every writer can participate in the web. Someday, very soon, I believe, every writer will."

3/31/95: "I remember, as a kid, sneaking into my parents' bedroom to look at my father's stack of Playboys. No, I didn't read the articles."

2/4/98: "I believe we have the most to learn from the people we want to listen to the least."

What is Donkeymon? "Wow, I just noticed that I got linked to on The Scripting News somehow, and that is why I have been getting so many hits all of a sudden. The down side is that of all those hits, only one person wrote me an email. But if I am going to get hits I will probably have to put somethig interesting on here soon." I love the Donkeymon!

Yet another Weblog parody!

What is

Want to know how you can integrate a 1.5 million site web directory into your Manila site for free?

BTW, we recommend using their second method for integrating with Manila. Make <script> a legal tag for your site, if you haven't already done so. This method of integration is becoming commonplace, and that's a good thing. We use the same method for the Weblog banner ads. How different our world would have been if HTML had an <include> tag from the beginning?

Another parody of self-importance in the Weblog world. "Graham believed he could simply slut his way to the greatest number of links. This proved impossible, as Williams and Winer had an unnatural obsession with linkage, and Graham simply couldn't fulfil their needs." Funny!

MSNBC: No sex, please. Weíre NASA. "While NASA officials donít categorically state that there has never been any sexual activity in space, they have consistently drawn a veil over public discussion of such questions." I always wondered about this.

The Unofficial Slashdot Purity Test.

Cruel Site of the Day: "This site has been categorized as Tasteless by the Websense censorware program."

Wes: "Woohoo! Faisal has a weblog."

John Dvorak: "The higher up on the ladder you are, the more pixels you get on the home page for your pet project. In fact, the new Mars home page appears to be an incarnation of the corporate org chart."

Susan Kitchens: Community! Fads! Links!

A new feature that's almost ready to ship. Now we can run surveys from within a Manila site. To try it out, for now, you must be a member of Weblogs.Com.

Bradlands: Enigmatic Yet Popular. "CNOT caught up with Williams and Winer outside the popular Buck's Woodside restaurant where secret negotiations for Graham's acquisition of their respective companies are said to have taken place."

Brigitte Eaton: "Did you ever forget that you used to care about impressing your parents and then suddenly realize that you had finally done it."

Salon: Linux in every lap. "All the forces that make Linux great at being a server OS apply equally to the desktop. It just hasn't been possible because it hasn't reached that stage. If we wanted to do this two years ago, it would be pretty undoable. Now the basics are there, and now the users are there."

Philadelphia Daily News: "But there was something weird about her boobs, wasn't there? They were squeezed so close to her sternum, they looked like a single unit, not twin Tetons. To duplicate the effect, you'd have to glue a cleft soccer ball to the center of your chest."

Philly Future: "Up until now we have displayed banner advertisements for other weblogs as a favor to the EditThisPage community. These banner advertisements are not chosen by this site and are algorithmically selected by Sadly, one of these ads now point to an obvious porn site."

We're having a debate about sex on weblogs.


Experimenting with Global Shortcuts

You may see the contents of this section change as the day goes by.

Create your own Manila site in minutes. Everyone's doing it!

Little-known fact: If you want to make your server compatible with ours, read this XML file every hour and if it changed, copy it into your database. It's pretty straightforward to do, and obviously works with content management systems other than UserLand's (because it's XML, of course).

A little-known shortcuts-related feature on Weblogs.Com.

Somehow I don't think this will appear on the home page.

Today was a total Manila Express™ day.


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