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Tomorrow is a very big day for me. I'm so psyched! My imagination has run wild. I think of Matt Neuburg racing north on his BMW motorcycle. And Susan Kitchens humming tunes driving up 101. Ken Dow flying in from Ottawa and Eric Soroos from Seattle. Zoom zoom. People from Organic and Macromedia sipping lattes and thinking about the stock market. So this is what Silicon Valley looks like? Jacob Levy getting ready to say "Let's see Pike already!" Oooh ooh ooooh. Who will be the most surprising?? And how many digital cameras will there be? And will the webcast work? And perhaps the most vexing question of them all..

Survey: What's the song?

Sheeela Simmons is sitting next to me and I'm interviewing her. Sheila. What will be your next issue after they implode the Kingdome on Sunday? I don't know. Would you like a suggestion? Sure. Well, you could always blow up the Space Needle! No way, can't be done. Ohhhhhh.

XML.Com: Portable Site Information. "XML can be used to model the actual structure of a web site." True.

Erik Barzeski: "Many people believe that CodeWarrior will be dead by the summer of 2001."

InfoWorld: Perl 6 to debut in August. "Perl 6 is a ground-up rewrite using the object-oriented C++ language."

NY Times: "The Justice Department has begun a criminal investigation into whether White House officials illegally suppressed large numbers of e-mail messages subpoenaed in investigations of Clinton administration campaign fund-raising and other activities."

Now, you already know I'm working in an outliner. As Jerry said, what a long strange trip it's been. A few years ago I did all my Scripting News writing in an outliner. Then I had to master writing for the web in a browser. That's how we figured out how to do Manila. Now that that works, I can use an outliner again to edit this site. One advantage of using the outliner is that I can quickly edit and re-order the items. It's faster than the web browser, it reduces three steps to two. Edit-Change-Post becomes Change-Save. However there's more I can do, and probably will, to use more than one level of the outline. The key is in adjusting the rules so that it renders in a sensible way.

Here's a screen shot of today's editing environment, with the Pike File menu pulled down. Speaking of strange trips, this is the new File menu I was speaking of in May of last year.

BTW, now that you have seen the new File menu, I expect complaints about the What is This? command. What does it do? It opens a page in your browser that explains what it is. We figured this would be the place to put the uber-help command, that this would be the place where confusion would expect a quick answer. (And there is no New command in the menu, which is what usually appears in that slot. The menu looked wrong with Close as the first item.)

The day after ManilaPalooza, Seattle will blow up the Kingdome in celebration. Make sense to me. They ought to blow up the other stadium too.

News.Com: Former Beatle's publishing house sues

Andrew Wooldridge wonders if Pike could be used to edit XUL. My answer is basically yes. "Outliners are good design tools for all hierarchic languages and data structures."

Tom Clifton volunteers to plan tomorrow's dinner. Thanks!

Jim Roepcke reports a new email virus.

OK, B2B is hot, somehow we missed that boat, so let's start another one. W2R. What does that mean? Writers To Readers. The next big growth area!

Update. The next growth area after B2B and W2R will be F2F, or Face-To-Face. So today's hot stock market tip, invest in companies that run conferences that make it easy for people who meet in cyberspace to meet in person.

Joe Clark: Usability at

BTW, the Joe Clark link was added using Manila Express connecting to Pike. Since epinions is for writers, they could support the same interface as Manila and then Pike would be able to submit stories to epinions, and of course everything that's compatible with Pike would work too. (So far there are no Pike-compatibles, but anything that is will get a big fat link on Scripting News.) This is how non-dominant web apps companies can work together to empower users and make the Web more powerful.

Like Brent, I am editing my home page in an outline! This is even cooler than email.

Now Brent is working on making Manila Express work with Pike. I'm getting ready to use it!

LA Times: "[Microsoft has] identified seven key categories that will represent the core components of the emerging system, known as Next Generation Windows Services. These categories--billing, publishing, relationship management, directory, communications, personalization and storage--will require intense problem-solving to make the transactions and communications over the Internet work among different computing systems."

Ianus Keller: "Is it coincidence or a global weblog feeling, but those Dutch Weblogs that have already been mentioned on have decided to get together for a virtual 'instuif' (gettogether) as well?"

It is a global gettogether feeling! The Netherlands is my second home. I miss you guys. See you in May!

Can you tell I'm using an outliner? (I can.)


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