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Frontier 6.2b1 is released. Major database performance enhancements. This is a beta, deploy with care.

Important: UserLand will host an all-day meeting in Palo Alto on Wed Apr 19 for developers of web applications to talk about the market, partnerships, compatibility, standards and whatever else this new industry would like to talk about. Limited participation -- 100 people. Developers only, no press. UserLand will host this meeting, in cooperation with IBM and O'Reilly. We'll have a new website open tomorrow with more information. T-shirt included at no extra cost.

Frontier: html.refGlossary callback.

Social Ecology: ManilaPalooza Chat Transcript.

NetDyslexia: "Most of the NetDyslectics were born in a socialist country: in the G.D.R. (East Germany). So we know what it means to live in a dictatorship."

Vigencia Y Tributo: "I think of you as the Cuba of the Manila bloc because you practice the dogma at a purist level and you provide the soldiers who fight the wars in Africa and the rest of the Third World. I think of Scripting News as the Soviet Union, a corrupt regime with a crumbling foundation with nuclear weapons."

Joel Spolsky: Software NDAs and contracts that you should never sign. "I recently signed this clause in a 3 page NDA by a startup company that consisted of exactly two founders, and no employees. So the founders, by putting this clause in the NDA, are doing nothing but guaranteeing that if their business doesn't work out, none of the people they met while working on the business will be able to give them jobs."

Jim Matthews: Carbon-compatible menusharing.c?

ZoneAlarm sounds like the perfect companion to Pike.

I usually don't report on my state of being here on Scripting News. Let me make an exception. Today I am wiped out. More tired than I remember ever being. The outages, the Pike shipment, ManilaPalooza, new business, and some self-centered would-be software architects. Please let up on the redesigns. There's a lot of thought and permutation, blind alleys and retooling that went into Pike. Software design is highly skilled work and doesn't happen quickly. It's OK to poke at Pike, discover how it works, ask questions, but save the redesigns for when you understand more about what you got. We've been working on permutations of this software for two years. I strongly believe this is the one that works best. (Or we wouldn't have shipped it.)

2/9/98: Mason on Working With Dave.

I've been saying this for quite a while. The Cluetrain goes in both directions. I must remember to talk with Doc about this. That said, the current Pike-button approach is far from the only configuration Pike will support. But give us a chance to rest and regroup! Thanks for listening.

Eating tutorial for men, primarily: "As you're eating, visibly enjoy the food. Get some on your shirt. Laugh. Say thank you 18 times, but not all at once. Save the onions for last. Eat a few, get up from the table, declaring yourself completely satisfied, and go around the back of the house and make digestive noises, outside where they're appreciated more."

What is LinkBack?

Salon: Why leave your marks online? "A bevy of companies wants you to move your bookmarks from your browser to the Web, but it's not clear how you'd benefit."

InSite is a free site management tool written in Perl.

News.Com: Akamai, CacheFlow team for caching speed. "The deal highlights the increasing number of alliances being struck as companies strive to avoid sluggish or even embarrassingly inaccessible Web sites due to heavy traffic. Companies across the high-tech landscape--including computer makers, network equipment makers, Web site hosting firms and telecommunications firms--are forming partnerships to make sure information is delivered quickly."

WSJ: Outlook for settling antitrust case dim. "Microsoft Corp. and the government continued working toward a possible settlement, even as a federal judge prepared to rule soon if the effort fails, people close to the case said."

Static rendering was released last night to Frontier developers and system managers. Four pages of docs -- an overview with instructions for Manila MEs, a howto for server managers, a case study, and a guide for people who want to customize their static renderings.

After much discussion and a demo about static rendering at ManilaPalooza on Saturday, we decided to release it first to Frontier developers so they can have static rendering for their Manila sites. Used in this mode, Manila becomes a multi-user staging server. Very powerful combination.

It's going to be difficult to transition individual ETP sites to static rendering without link breakage. We're going to start with some of the high-flow sites, like Matt Garland's music site. Each site will teach us something. However it's easy for *new* sites. So we may open an all-static hosting server on UserLand.Com. Still puzzling this out.

Adam Engst reviews MSIE5/Mac.

Breakage fixed. In switching to Pike for editing Scripting News we broke the <scriptingNews> xml version. I am assured that it now works. Now I will verify. Bing.

Greetinks, vebfolk.


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