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DaveNet on Hiatus. Shift Happens!

We planned to open registration for the Web Apps conference for April 19, but it got pushed back because of a technical glitch. We'll have the site up tomorrow.

W3C: XML Protocol Comparisons. Milestone.

USPTO: Business Methods Patent Initiative, An Action Plan.

David Adams' Speller web app is an important idea!

O'Reilly: Why is the Jini Bottled Up?

AP: Judge OKs deep hyperlinking.

8/12/99: InfoWorld and Deep Linking.

Mike Donnelan has been working on a new skin for Weblogs.Com. What do you think?

After many months of trouble-free operation, the Qube finally crashed, leaving this cute Weblogs.Com screen shot. It's back up now.

News.Com: "VA Linux Systems has signed on two new customers that together will buy hundreds of its servers."

David Rothgery reviews Pike.

Gary Secondino: Pike sign survey.

LA Times: Outlining Brings Meeting to Order.

AP: Supreme Court limits nude dancing. "Ruling says laws can require pasties, G-strings." I didn't know that!

5/24/98: "Then one evening, quite surprisingly, I saw a fat naked woman dancing at an amateur talent show. I had to look. She was good! Her big fat body had the rhythm of the music. Her huge breasts swung to the beat. A big funky happy smile on her face! It made the point. If a big fat naked woman can dance so beautifully in public, what do I have to worry about?"

WSJ: Patent Office to change its tune. Via Will Cate via Lawrence Lee via ZDNet. "Syndication," says Lawrence.

Internet.Com: Macromedia Flash SDKs. "Using the code, developers are able to both play Flash files from within their programs, as well as export Flash comptible SWF files."

Larry Yudelson: It's August in March! "Remember Byte's August language issues? I remember as a high school kid, wrapping my brain around Pascal and structured programming, Smalltalk and object-orientation, Forth and threading. Reading that issue was an amazing experience -- a whole new paradigm (wrapped within a wonderful cover) for me to struggle with."

Powazek redesigns his weblog. Much better.

Qube Quorner: Manifesto. I think it's time for the Scripting News community to give a Big Group Hug to Luke and the Qube Qrowd. I think it sucks that Cobalt points to Slashdot from their site and ignores Qube Quorner. When are those guys going to take a ride on the Cluetrain?

Dan Gillmor wrote a glowing piece about Cobalt. He interviewed me for it, I said they're smart, for sure, but they're blowing it with the Qube. A brilliant product, ahead of the time, but they're letting the market catch up with them. Perhaps they can make more money on RAQs, but we will remember them for the Qube. A company with a huge hoard of cash can afford to build a market! Hello. $1000 is a nice pricepoint. The Qube Quounts. Every Mac LAN should have a Qube. Hello Qubetrain!

Conclusion: All the Linux guys are rushing to grow to compete with Dell. I think Dell will win that one. Zig don't zag.

Now a message to Dan Gillmor, who I just heard interviewed on NPR. Dan, we help you, please help us. In this world reciprocity counts. It's not compromising to your editorial integrity to include your experience in the web world in your presence in older media, where they like the credibility that comes from being part of a major news pub. Help Luke help Qube users. Why not? When you talk about revolutionary trends in technology mention the web, and the boom in easy to use authoring tools. Anyone can gush with ease when it comes to gigahertz processors. You lament the lack of innovation in software. Hello Dan!

OTOH, Luke must take some of the responsibility for the lack of support from hardware vendors. He made a big mistake by incorrectly stating my point of view with a rep of VA Linux. Too bad. I'm more interested in getting an easily scriptable version of PHP with the right macros in standard distribution by Cobalt and VA. We should have integration between Manila and the runtimes on the servers, not necessarily with UserLand software. That's why we did xml-rpc. Luke incorrectly guessed our motive and plan, and made the mistake of telling that to the VA guy w/o checking with me. At the time we already had Manila static rendering working! Oy. The VA guy was was concerned that I'm a random huckster with compromised integrity, even though Doc Searls had already told him otherwise. Luke fed right into his fear and he ran away, that was the last we ever heard from him. So Luke, why don't you tell the story publicly and say what you learned? It will make us all more effective at gathering the support we want.

Now a question for everyone. It's The Year 2000. There's a brand name up for grabs. If you believe in the power of web community, what does that make you? It's a puzzle. Figure it out.

Hint: Too bad this name is taken.

AP: Reform rabbis back same-sex unions. Excellent!

Will Cate quotes a report in today's WSJ. "Amid a growing debate over patents that stake out broad claims for basic methods of doing business on the Web, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is expected Wednesday to unveil an overhaul of the way it examines applications and awards patents for many online practices." Happy! We'll watch for this announcement, can't point to the WSJ article, it's behind a for-fee firewall.


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