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As time passes I feel stronger about the decision to stop writing DaveNets. Too many people read them without the context of Scripting News. To the extent that DaveNet email readers are willing to make a trip to the Web, that's the extent to which I'm willing to share what I learn. Read in an email context I come off as a highly disconnected voice. They don't understand what I'm saying. How could they? It doesn't make sense in email. However in the context of the Web, the issues come alive, in real-time. Email is a lot like publishing in print. Once sent an email can't change.

Wes Felter examines the information storage issues raised by Edd Dumbill yesterday. I'm glad that Wes is looking at this, and also that he has expressed an interest in editorial integrity as it relates to weblogs. The integrity issues are remarkably parallel, the concerns that guide decisions on control of data, seem related to editorial ethics. We're finally at a place where data, ideas and algorithms are virtually inseparable, but the rules applying to each, and the laws, and protections, are all over the map, and highly obsolete, I fear.

For these to be interesting questions, of course, you need reliable net technology, which as you can see below, has been a problem again. We must solve this.

A new Web app, Track-PacBell reveals a lot. As of 5:30PM there were six outages in the previous two hours. The line was down 36.8 percent of the time. I've programmed the site to send an email to Conxion and UserLand people when the line comes back up saying how long the outage lasted, how many outages there have been, and pointing to the report. On the off chance that any PacBell people are in the loop here, please send me an email and I'd be happy to add you to the list. To be clear, these problems are probably in PacBell's Silicon Valley T1 cloud. Kind of strategic for someone at PacBell, one would think.

Conxion: "End users and Wall Street punish e-businesses that crash." I believe this.

Email to Conxion: At least four outages since Friday.

ManilaPalooza webcast: Audio part 1, part 2. Video/audio.

Jon Udell's Manila testbed.

Proof that Giants fans are wimpy. I haven't gotten a single flame for saying they're wimpy! Recursive.

Mac net programmers will be interested to know that Chuck Shotton, the author of NetEvents, wants to release the source code. "NetEvents is a small, scriptable application that handles client and server TCP/IP services."

Online Journalism: Web content gets tainted. "Isn't MSNBC partly owned by Microsoft, which makes a little program called Internet Explorer, which sort of drove Netscape out of the market?"

MSNBC: Microsoft mediator calls off negotiations. "Posner said his four months of efforts had 'proved fruitless' because differences between the two sides 'were too deep-seated to be bridged.'"

NY Times: "Judge Posner, in his statement, noted: 'I particularly want to emphasize that the collapse of the mediation is not due to any lack of skill, flexibility, energy, determination, or professionalism on the part of the Department of Justice and Microsoft Corporation.' Nowhere did he make mention of the states."

NY Times: "On Friday evening, some senior computer executives who were read a summary of a government proposal became alarmed that it was too limited and would prove difficult to enforce. McNealy and Steven Jobs, the chairman of Apple Computer, were read elements in the proposed settlement and expressed their dissatisfaction to some government officials."

Other reports: CNN, News.Com, Washington Post, Seattle Times.

Edd Dumbill: Thoughts on Web App Storage. Edd proposes a single storage system that all web apps feed off. We actually have done some exploration of this idea at UserLand, but are not convinced yet that it is workable. We're pushing for something more modest, that all web apps somehow make the user's data available to user for backup and to allow the user to move the data into a different service. However, Edd's idea is, imho, worth exploring.

No pictures from yesterday's game at PacBell Park. I forgot to bring the memory card for the camera. It's a very nice ballpark. There will be lots of triples and home runs. And we saw the first home run in the new stadium today, it went into San Francisco Bay and was retrieved by a boatsman. And get this, after the first Yankee home run, the fans threw the ball back on the field! I like this. It's like Wrigley Field in Chicago. Feisty fans. There's hope for the Giants! (Who tend to have wimpy fans.)

4/24/95: "In baseball, like other things in life, eventually you have to choose sides. In baseball, someone has to lose. You can't have a win-win. That's just the way it is! You have to have an opinion. You Gotta Believe!"

Jeff Cheney: The First Home Run at PacBell Park.


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