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Netscape: Netscape 6 Preview Release 1. Welcome back!?

I have mixed feelings about a new Netscape browser. The last time I installed their software it reset system prefs that broke Windows. It inserted itself in places where it was not given permission. Major privacy issues.

On the other hand, it's been a long time since the last release, and this browser is built using new technology, and if AOL has screwed with its policies there may be a way around them since Mozilla is open source.

BTW, I want to hear good news about this browser. Let's hope for the best and focus on the bright spots. And show extreme gratitude for the bleeding-edge guys and gals who are willing to go first here. I'm going to wait a while before installing.

Andrew Wooldridge: "I am one of the engineers who does the xml/js/xul for the instant messaging part of Netscape 6."

Anthem is Andrew's sidebar for Manila users.

Mark Kennedy is already using Netscape 6, and wonders if the My Sidebar feature is related to RSS in some way.

Cameron Barrett did a new skin for Mozilla called Sullivan.

Duncan Smeed: "I have just been trying Sullivan. Suddenly the scales fell from my eyes. What really blew me away is that in Netscape 6 (I haven't tried Mozilla) I can have different windows each with a different skin (and functionality)."

Archipelago on Netscape 6: "Menu Sharing is gone."

Question. Should we start a new weblog to study Netscape 6?

We've been working on the UserLand.Com home page.

Another Spicy Noodles dinner tonight, this time with Bob Atkinson, Microsoft guy, architect of COM and Authenticode, co-designer of xml-rpc, and now working at WebTV. Could I possibly eat more Spicy Noodles? Sure!

Business 2.0: Content Shifts to the Edges: "The message of Napster is plain: The Internet is being turned inside out."

And people thought I was crazy when I wrote about Fractional Horsepower HTTP Servers. It's the way of the future.

Frontier: New Callbacks for Manila sites.

Scott McLoughlin of Adrenaline is putting together a demo app showing XML-RPC interoperability between Java and Python. He needs some help.

Salon reviews Zaplets. I think they underestimate the security concern.

Wired wonders if anyone cares about Netscape 6 or Bill Joy.

Weblogs mail list: "Personally my hair is a mess, I'm wearing a torn t-shirt, and I want to know why I have to please some dork with long sideburns and pierced nipples."

News.Com: "America Online and Gateway today will unveil a line of jointly developed Internet appliances."

Newsweek: Meet Generation Net. "Today she's programming in Basic, building Web pages and raising money on the Net for her school's Jog-a-Thons while other kids her age are still looking for the escape key."

CNN: The cost of sitting. "Fans who go to baseball's three new ballparks this season will leave with much lighter wallets."

Dan Gillmor: "The DNS was a marvel of ingenuity when it was invented, and worked brilliantly when the Net was mostly universities and government sites. In today's commercial world it's becoming a mess."

Track-PacBell says at 6:41AM there were 63 outages since 3:17PM Sunday. The line was down 7.5% of the time.

Apparently Conxion is running a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal announcing "fail safe hosting" with "99.999% uptime" that is "100% guaranteed." Don't believe it. Conxion is not ready to offer this kind of service.

Conxion CEO Antonio Salerno had a problem with the statement above. First, I'm glad he's reading our site now, perhaps he'll learn what we do at UserLand. That would be awesome. Second, under no circumstance may a vendor exert pressure on us relative to editorial content on our sites. This is an invasion of our integrity and will not be tolerated. We do not allow customers to try to influence what we say, nor will we allow vendors.

3/30/00: UserLand as a publisher.

One of my highest priorities is to write a simple integrity statement for UserLand so I can refer people to it. I also want to get an advisory board in place, of people with a strong understanding of editorial integrity to review our practices. Without such a clear statement and oversight, I'll have to waste a lot of energy writing one-off statements to people who challenge our integrity.

Goldman Sachs: Business Principles. "Our assets are our people, capital and reputation. If any of these is ever diminished, the last is the most difficult to restore."


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