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NY Times: Microsoft hires Ralph Reed, a Bush advisor, to lobby Bush. Reed is the former head of the Christian Coalition. "A spokesman for Microsoft said the company had hired [Reed] to counter 'a comprehensive lobbying campaign by our competitors' to promote the government's suit.'" Getting heavy.

Wash Post: Criminal probe of Clinton 'open'. "Independent counsel Robert W. Ray considers the investigation of President Clinton's relationship with Monica S. Lewinsky an "open" matter and is actively considering seeking an indictment against the president after he leaves office next January." Bill and Bill.

More evolution: Why DaveNet Changed.

Next up on the Manila hit parade. Hashed Cookies!

This made the news in China, late in the last millenium. (How come no one sends mail about it not being a new millenium?)

Happy Birthday to Wes! He's 22 today. I wrote a piece about Wes back in 1998. Happy Birthday man. You ain't a kid no more.

Reuters: WSJ Pulls Web Report on Microsoft Remedy. "The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition on Monday issued then pulled a story saying Microsoft may be stripped of the rights to its Internet Explorer Web browser as part of the remedy in the government antitrust case it lost earlier this month."

WSJ: Will Microsoft lose rights to Internet Explorer?

4/4/00: "Free the MSIE development team at Microsoft. Cut it loose. Give it a lot of money. Let someone outside of Microsoft drive it. Someone that Web developers, including Microsoft, could talk with. And make it a profit center, so that it will enable competition."

New Manila feature. Every DG message has a checkbox allowing you to receive pointers to replies via email.

Eric Prud'hommeaux's LOTP Architecture uses a lot of buzzwords I don't understand. Why do I think I need Gnutella instead?

What is Gnutella? "Gnutella is the answer to your prayers. Searching for that recipe for strawberry-rhubarb pie? Can't find the latest version of Linux on a T3 or better link? It's probably out there on the GnutellaNet." I wonder if the source code for MSIE8 is on GnutellaNet?

NY Times: "That was the best way, she told the group, to prevent the nomination of 'people who are stupid.'"

MetaFilter: Overheard in the playground. "Your OS is stupid!"

I wonder if you can see where we're going. We have HTTP, HTML and XML under control in our environment. The next protocol to embrace is email. Then we need to get instant messaging. Why? Because we need all those elements to make our web writing system really hum. Groups of people working on websites need to send instant messages that get sorted into different bins. Sometimes you receive something via email that belongs on your website. Sounds complex perhaps, but consider this. We have a new tool in our kit. An easy to use outliner. It supports all the protocols that Frontier does. (In case you haven't figured it out, despite its writer-friendly interface, Pike has the Frontier engine embedded.)

I've asked Microsoft to support XML-RPC in their implementation of SOAP, and they've given it a qualified thumbs up. The qualification is that support for XML-RPC won't be in their first release, and I know from experience that priorities can shift.

I've been emailing with reporters on distributed computing standards. "If Microsoft is the only large vendor who supports SOAP, well I guess you will have lock-in. But that won't be Microsoft's fault, that will be Sun, IBM, Apple, Oracle, Red Hat, etc's doing. If they don't like Microsoft, they can support XML-RPC, which doesn't have their name on it. But both specs are open, I wouldn't allow my name to be on SOAP, as it is, if it weren't open." Updated 8:06AM.

Lots of great links today on

Suck: "For Nagivator users, skins have become more than amusing little graphical diversions: They've become the death of the standard interface. We have seen the future, and it is damned hard to use." I agree. Netscape must give up this idea. Is there anyone in charge over there? I'd like to speak with him or her about this.

WSP blasts Microsoft on standards support in MSIE 5.5/Win.

Record response to the scripting language survey. Neck in neck between Python and Frontier. Very interesting to me that there are so many Python people reading this site. I'm glad. We like Python.

No outages in two days according to the Track-PacBell agent. Could the outages be over? I hope I hope.


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