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Recent Scripting News reader surveys have been really interesting. A virtual three-way tie between Perl, Python and Frontier for favorite scripting language. Macintosh is the favorite OS, by a wide margin. Now another survey to find out what work you do related to the Web..

Survey: If you work on Web sites, which type of tool do you use the most?

BTW, if you vote for "Other" please send me an email saying what software you're using. I can add choices to the survey without disrupting it. Also, in this survey, don't focus on the tools themselves. I'm trying to figure out whether you're a writer, designer, graphics person, programmer or network manager. If you use BBEdit to write scripts, you're a programmer, and should choose the first category. You can change your vote, btw.

Sneak preview of tomorrow's survey. Comments welcome.

News.Com: Amazon sued over music samples patent.

WorldLink: "The protests are mounting as April 16 nears, the date on which NGO and trade union groupings are hoping to turn Washington in the latest post-Seattle demonstration."

NY Times: Bush Adviser Apologizes Over Lobbying for Microsoft.

Wired reviews Netscape 6.

Joel Spolsky: Figuring Out What They Expected. Joel talks about the user's model of the application, using images embedded in web pages as an example. Where do you put the file? Oy. Been there. Finally we found the solution, put the picture on the server, along with the text. This involved years of experimentation and brain sweat. The key thing is to maintain a single location for the content. If there's going to be a single location, it's gotta be on the server, unless the user is going to have a server on his or her computer.

Playing with the Icons that Changed concept, it's like the old TV game show, Concentration. I also figured out where I'm going to put it on Scripting News. It's going to be very coool.

BTW, the reason I'm not doing custom icons, yet, is to level the playing field for those of us who are graphics-challenged. Just because we don't know all the ins and outs of PhotoShop doesn't mean we don't have a visualization for our online personalities. (How about all those double negatives!) So when we run out of icons, if we do, I'll do something about this "problem". In the meantime, try again, I bet you can find some remaining icon that somehow says something about your online personality. Thanks.

Chris Nelson: MozillaZine on Skins. "Mozilla is not a browser." Oy yoy yoy. This is bad news.

Cameron Barrett: Mozilla is not a Browser. "This is why there is so much confusion between what Mozilla is and what Netscape 6 PR1 is. Netscape 6 PR1 is simply a web browser that uses Mozilla as its source code."

One of the things I'm happiest about recently is that I've become friends with Cam. He's a skilled and passionate designer, works his butt off and has an open mind. This is excellent. These are exactly the kinds of collaborations I like.

O'Reilly's recent scripting survey.

Chuck Shotton: Why you don't want Gnutella.

Dale Dougherty: The Mystery of mySQL.

Dan Gillmor: "Comerica Park, named after a bank that's spending big bucks on the sponsorship, is the replacement for Tiger Stadium, a ballpark I frequented when I lived here in the late '80s and early '90s. It's also a monument to corporate greed, political spinelessness and taxpayer stupidity."

I unsubscribed from the weblogs mail list after learning that the moderator filters the messages. I noticed that quite a few of mine hadn't made it through. Oh well. Please let me know if an independent unmoderated mail list starts. Thanks.

No outages in four days according to the Track-PacBell agent. Could the outages be over? I hope I hope.


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